How To Check M-Tag ID Online 2024 – Mtag ID Check Code

It is a reasonable question that How To Check M-Tag ID for free? There are two methods that can help you by using SMS and the Online portal method.

Getting an M-Tag is important because the motorway authority has applied the tag scanning system and the old-fashioned toll plaza receipt procedure is now finished.

Hence, activate M-Tag for the M2 motorway and make your car eligible to travel on the big road so that your long distances compress into minor ways.

How To Check M-Tag ID

How To Check M-Tag ID: To Check M-Tag ID please type an SMS “mtag 36302xxxxxxxxx” then send it to 9909. Remember that insert your CNIC (ID Card) number in place of the ID card number that is given above as a demo for you.

This service is a government own service, that’s why the officials don’t have to set any charges to check. Hence, we can say that the official procedure to “check the current m-tag of a car” is following.

Type “mtag CNIC Number”Send it to 9909
Charges:Rs 0

Check via SMS & Online

Always keep in your mind that checking the M-Tag ID is only possible via the SMS method. No online method can help you to check your ID. Hence, never provide your sensitive information including CNIC Number, Phone Number, or Car Registration Number to anyone.

SMS Demo

Here is the demo of the SMS that we have sent and receive an instant reply from the government (motorway) officials. In this demo, we have added the ID Card number, Vehicle No, and ID No because it is case-sensitive. Hence, take a look at this demo get to prepare you for free inquiry.

sms method details
Official Charges

This service is absolutely free and charges no balance to send the SMS. But remember that using postpaid SIM charges a few charges nearly equal to Rs 0.10 + tax. But it is the second situation that doesn’t bring out frequently.

We have made an Urdu video that is available on Apna4G YouTube Channel. This video will guide you to check your M Tag ID for free in quick, easy steps. Let’s play this video and get Urdu guide on M Tag ID Check tricks.

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Why Do We Need To Check?

Why do we really need to check the ID of our M-Tag registration? Basically, we need this ID to load the balance in your m-tag account. Hence, the checking of this ID is compulsory for every car owner who wants to travel on M2.

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