Check Remaining MBs in Jazz 2023 – How To Check Jazz MBs

Check Remaining MBs in Jazz – To Check MBs in Jazz just dial *2# at the end of the offer sub-code. *SUB-Code*2# is a simple trick to check data.

However, we have collected all data check codes of Jazz 4G prepaid SIM packages for you. In this post, you will get info about all codes launched by Mobilink for their users to check their remaining 2G/3G/4G data.

As all of us know that Jazz Warid is the only fastest network in Pakistan that covers the widest area. The network is unbeatable due to terms of data speed, 4G coverage, network calling service, and signal strength. There is no comparison between this telecommunication network and other networks in Pakistan. Hence we always recommend Jazz to our regular visitors. Get your new SIM and start a new journey toward the world of speed & 4G.

Check Remaining MBs in Jazz

To check the remaining Mbps you must know your current package. Many 4G packages are trending these days. Users subscribe to these packages. The network has described these check codes on its official website with each package’s details.

Just add *2# at the end of the subcode to check to data. Here we have some examples for you. Please take a look at these daily, weekly & monthly (Call, SMS & Data) packages and their check codes. Same like this you add *2# and check free Mbps.

Check Daily Social Offer:

Package Name:Daily Social
Check Code:*114*2#

Check Daily Browser Offer:

Package Name:Daily Browser
Check Code:*117*11*2#

Check Jazz Work From Home:

Package Name:Jazz Work From Home
Check Code:*117*14*2#

Check Weekly Super Duper:

Package Name:Weekly Super Duper
Check Code:*770*2#

Check Weekly YouTube Offer:

Package Name:Weekly YouTube
Check Code:*570*2#

Check Weekly Premium:

Package Name:Weekly Premium
Check Code:*117*47*2#

Check Weekly Social:

Package Name:Weekly Social
Check Code:*660*2#

Check Monthly Browser:

Package Name:Monthly Browser
Check Code:*117*77*2#

Check Monthly Mega:

Package Name:Monthly Mega
Check Code:*117*31*2#

Note: The user can simply add *2# at the end of the offer SUB-Code to check the remaining MBs.

Remaining Data With Jazz World App

Every Jazz Warid user gets free data from official sources of the network every day or once a week. Now the question raises “How to check free Mbps in Jazz?” The answer is very simple and easy. Just open your play store and download the “Jazz World App” from there. After that install and open the application and check your SMS, Minutes & Data details for free.

Check Remaining Data IN Jazz SIM

Note: Dial *114*1*2# to check free Mbps.

Check Monthly Remaining MBs

Users can check the remaining Mbps of their monthly data package by adding *2# at the end of the bundle code. For example, the monthly mega bundle is subscribed by *117*31#, and by adding *117*31*2# you can find the remaining data.

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On the other hand, in case of any confusion, you can simply download Jazz World App and check how many minutes, how many MBs, and how many SMS have been left in your package.

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