What is Jazz LTE Service Means – Jazz LTE Code & Settings

What is Jazz LTE? In simple words “LTE is the upgraded version of 3G”. Experience the internet with fast downloading & uploading speed.

Jazz Warid is the best data network in Pakistan. We can say that due to this network, Pakistan has become a member of those Asian countries whose people experience the fastest speed of the internet. Thanks to Mobilink we have access to the latest & upgraded version of the telecom network data type.

Have you ever noticed that Mobilink provides better downloading and uploading speed, with the fastest browsing? Why did this speedy browsing & downloading happen? This is due to the LTE service, which provides the best data speed and connects you with this world. Come, let’s learn more about this service and about its activation code.

What is Jazz LTE Service?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” which means to provide maximum transfer of data consuming minimum time. In simple words, this is a new technology in the world of WIRELESS data.

Due to this service, upgraded versions of devices will be able to access the internet a hundred times faster as compared to 3G data. Hence, we can now connect at a faster speed just because of this new technology on the Jazz 4G network.

What is Jazz LTE (Activation Code)

All Jazz prepaid & postpaid SIM users can activate the faster internet 4G LTE service. This service is free of cost.

Follow these steps to activate LTE service on (Prepaid & Postpaid)

  • Jazz Prepaid users dial *443*13# to activate 4G LTE
  • Jazz Postpaid users dial *446*13# to activate 4G LTE

Note: LTE service activates all (4G, 3G, 2G) services.

Check Your Device 4G Compatibility

Before activating the 4G service on your SIM, you must have to check whether your mobile & SIM is 4G compatible or not? Because only new and upgraded android smartphones are 4G enabled.

  • Open the dial pad of your mobile.
  • Dial *443*7#
  • The network will verify.
  • You will receive a notification with the device’s 3G/4G ability.
Jazz LTE Fastest data speed

Note: User must have 4G enabled SIM card to use LTE service.

4G Coverage Areas

Only 4G coverage areas support 4G LTE service. However, don’t worry because Mobilink has the widest coverage area of 4G in the whole of Pakistan as compared to other networks in Pakistan.

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For your confirmation, you can check whether you are in a 4G coverage area or not by switching your “4G data ON” from the network settings of your device.

However, for more details, please click on INFO & FAQs.

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