6045 Jazz Code | Postpaid Missed SMS Alert (Update)

Mobilink has launched the 6045 Jazz Code service. Basically, this is a missed SMS alert service that works on postpaid SIM cards only. Today you will get complete information about this code, subscription fee in this article.

There are basically two types of telecom SIM cards are available in markets according to “pay criteria”. Yes! 1st is Jazz prepaid SIM and other postpaid SIM cards. We all know about prepaid but postpaid is new for us.

Basically in postpaid SIM cards, we use the internet, SMS, and call service the whole month and pay its bill at the end of bill. It works like the bill of electricity and gas that we consume whole month and the bill comes after its consumption.

6045 Jazz Code

Jazz postpaid enables its users to receive an SMS alert when a user turns on its prepaid SIM. This SMS alert informs the user that when the user’s number was off or out of coverage then all missed calls & SMS details will be sent to him.

Service Details:

Service Name:SMS Alert
Price:PKR 0.60

Remain Alert

This service has given the name alert SMS because of its alert notifications. Yes! This service is best for those users who never want to miss even a single missed call, call, or SMS of any number. This service remains to activate whether your number remain on or off for a small duration or for a large time.

Postpaid Only

It is important to remember that this service is inaugurate for postpaid Jazz SIM users only. Those who don’t have postpaid SIM will not able to activate this service through this service. Because codes of post/prepaid networks always remain different from each other. Click on the Jazz Postpaid Helpline link for details.

Block & Unblock

Those users who don’t want to continue furthermore with this offer can discontinue it by sending an SMS “Block to 6064”. On the other hand, you can unblock this service by sending SMS “Unblock to 6064” for free. Get more details about this service from this given link.

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