Meri Gari Scheme 2024 – Auto Policy Registration & Apply

Current Pakistan Automobiles & Industries Minister recently reveals the details of the new prices and Auto Policy 2021-26 for Pakistan. Hence, register / apply online for Meri Gari Scheme from here.

According to this Auto Policy, new car’s production will be increased on a maximum scale so that the price will decrease automatically. On the behalf of PM Imran Khan, the Auto Minister said that in the coming years Pakistan will be able to produce small cars at low prices as compared to the past.

Minister also have described each term in detail to elaborate the whole scheme in simple words. This scheme is also known as the “Meri Gari Scheme” which will enable every Pakistani citizen to afford a small car for traveling though latest Auto Policy in Pakistan.

Auto Policy 2024

The government has simply removed many taxes and extra duties that were causing a huge increase in the price of 1000CC & 850CC cars. Hence now the price will automatically decrease just because of the government tax decrease step.

The government of Pakistan has abolished FED & ACD on all local cars so that you can get them at a local price. Hence, get ready to buy local manufactured new cars and new + 5-year-old imported cars without any tax.

Scheme New Prices

FED & ACD tax was the main reason that directly causes in the price of cars. With the after-tax reduction, you can buy cars at new prices. Here is the list of prices that will reduce according to car range:

CarReduce Price

Meri Gari Scheme

The future aim for this policy is very simple as well as very beneficial for every Pakistani as well as for Pakistan. The government wants to encourage electric cars that will definitely cause a pure environment for the country.

  • Affordable Cars
  • Easy Traveling
  • Industry growth
  • Car For Everyone
  • Smoke Free Pakistan
Apna4G Conclusion

Pakistan Auto Policy 2021-26 will change the future of Pakistan. If we observe, we must have concluded that car price in Pakistan is only accessible for the upper-class. However, after the announcement of this policy, the car will be able to purchase range of common people. Get more info about this scheme from here.

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