Prize Bond Check Karne Ka Tarika 2024 (Updated)

How to Check Prize Bond Result Online in Pakistan on Mobile & PC? Here is the complete guide to check draw results in a few easy steps. Yes! You can check whether you have won the lottery or not in a few clicks by using the internet.

Basically, in this article, we will talk about the “Pakistani Prize Bond” and it’s all related facts. In addition, we will tell you that, how you can purchase new bonds, check the lucky draw result, cash your price, or exchange the old bold bonds.

All the answers to those important questions that are frequently searched by people on the internet have been described (answered) below. Hence, this article is going to prove very helpful to all the Pakistani public.

How to Check Prize Bond Result?

Basically, there are three methods that allow the users to check the result of the new draw or all previous draw results of any specific prize bond. In addition, you can check the draw result of a single prize bond or even the result of a whole prize bond series in a few easy steps.

Names of 3 methods to check prize bond draw results via mobile and computer (online):

  • Prize Bond Check App (for mobile)
  • Check via official portal (for mobile & pc)
  • Check draw result via Newspaper (manually)

We have described both of these methods separately below for (single bond draw search or for full series draw search) with images guide.

Prize Bond Check App (Mobile) Trick

All those users who have (android or iOS) mobile devices can download the official “draw checker” app from the play store and check the current result of your bonds. Here is the complete method with step by step description & images:

  • Open Play Store and search “Prize Bond Scanner & Checker” online. Now download and install this app & open it on your device.
How to Check Prize Bond app
  • According to this app, you can scan your prize bond and check its draw result. Or you can manually insert the bond number to inquire the result. There are also 2 options (single & range) to check any 1 specific bond or the full range of prize bonds.
How to Check Prize Bond scan
  • 1st Option (Scan & Check) allows you to scan the bonds and check the result. Firstly, click on the scan button present on front screen and check whether the app shows (Red Cross or Green Mark) in front of the bond number. If the app shows a green trick, then you have won a prize. On the other hand, if the scan shows “red cross” then you don’t have won any draw.
How to Check Prize Bond scanner
  • 2nd Option (Manually Check) by entering the digits via keypad of your mobile. In this procedure, you have to click on “Enter” button. Now put the requirement info (Bond Type, Draw Date, Bond Number) click on (+ button) and finally press the “DONE” button. All details about the result of your enter bond will appear.
How to Check Prize Bond manual
  • This is an example when the user get (win any prize) from the bond withdraw. This is the font for those people who get lottery.
How to Check Prize Bond Match
  • When you don’t win any prize, then the officials show this message (on the front) screen of your mobile
How to Check Prize Bond Not-Match

Check via Official Site (Mobile & PC) Trick

Those users who don’t install any app can directly inquire (check) the draw result via the official portal of the Pakistan Prize Bond Association. Yes! Here are those vital steps that you must have to follow to check the bond result on mobile and pc or on any other device online.

  • Visit the official website to check “Price Bond Result” in easy steps.
How to Check Prize Bond (site)
  • Here the “denominations” contain the bond price “Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, 40000 Premium Bond, 25000 Premium Bond”
How to Check Prize Bond Select
  • Now Select your draw date “All or any other previous or latest draw date”
date draw
  • There are two types of searches available here. 1st is “Range Search” and 2nd is “Miscel. Number” search. We use range search for the list (series) of bonds. On the other hand, the 1 or few bonds are search 1 by 1 using Miscel. Number field.
both options
  • If you have a “range” or series of bonds then “select your bond price” then “draw date” and insert the number of your bonds “series” in 2 boxes “Range Search” section and click on “search” button. Here in this section you can provide the number from which your bond series start and end. It is the box for those people who have full (series) or range of many bonds.
range search info
  • On the other hand, if you have a single or few bonds then you can check then 1 by 1 by selecting bond price, draw date and inserting the bond number in the “Miscel. Number” fiend and click on “search” button.
miscel numbers
  • If you win any reward, then the official website show this type of “logo or notification”
winner info
  • If you don’t win, then the officials show this “red notification” to the user.
not win info

Check Bond via Newspaper

All those Pakistani prize bond owners who don’t have any digital source to inquire about the draw result online can “check the result manually via newspaper” back page. Yes! The government also prints the prize bond lottery draw on newspapers for those people who want to check results manually.

check via newspapers (info)

This is the 3rd and last method that makes it possible to check the draw result of Prize Bond in Pakistan (manually) via Newspaper. It is the easiest method, but the following method is rather slow as compared to (quick app or portal) tricks.

Buy & Sell Bonds

Now the question arises from where we can buy and sell the prize bonds. In Pakistan, many markets work (sale and buy) old prize bonds of different price ranges. You can buy the old bonds from these local markets anytime.

sell and buy

On the other hand, those buyers who want to buy new bonds can visit the national bank of Pakistan’s nearest branch and issue new prize bonds on your CNIC. This is very easy, and you can also sell your bonds in the national bank. Hence, it is easy to get or sell bonds in Pakistan.

The reality of Prize Bond

People even don’t know what the prize bond really is, and what is the purpose of the prize bond? Basically, the government sells these bonds (lottery) and gets the money from people.

how to win

This money is used by the government by giving it on interest and (earn a double profit) from them. From this profit, the government gives little percentage in the form of lottery (wins) and other money directly goes into the government official banks.

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Hence, the people win the lottery via these bonds and government gets interested in bonds money. On the other hand, whenever the user needs his money, he can easily refund the bond and get his money back via bank.

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Apna4G Conclusion

We have mentioned all those important terms and features of the prize bond here on this page. Hence, those Pakistani internet users who have any quires about “PK Prize Bonds” can read this article to get full (A to Z) details of Prize bonds and their draw (results) details in simple and easy words.