How to Apply Online For National ID Card (Nadra) in 2022

How to Apply Online For National ID Card – Nadra has recently launched the “Pak ID App” through which you can apply for CNIC online at home. Here you just have to visit the official website and complete your “online CNIC application submission” in three easy steps.

I this article we will guide our dear viewers about the complete process to apply for CNIC through the “Pak ID App” while sitting at home. This technology has been launched by Nadra Tech Team. However, after the permission of PM Imran Khan, they start the initial steps of this service.

In past, the main reason that did not allow to use online technology for CNIC form submission was “biometric confirmation” or “thumb impressions” that were not possible to take online. However, this latest app has a built-in function that uses a mobile phone camera to copy the thumb impression of the applicant. Hence mobile technology (HD Cameras) has made this service possible.

How to Apply Online For National ID Card

Nadra officials have given the name “Pak ID App” to this app. It means a Pakistan identity card application. Hence those citizens who want to submit their application for “Nadra CNIC” can apply online through this app or on its website.

How To Apply?

These are steps that you have to follow to “apply online” for your new national identity card “CNIC” in 3 easy steps.

  • Visit the official website here
  • Click on “Register an Account”
  • Create your new account
  • Provide your basic details
  • Upload required documents
  • Provide image & thumb impression
  • Submit your online “Application Form”

Pak-Identity Benefits

Pak-Identity is the service that has made Pakistan the 1st country to launch such an incredible service. Yes! In the field of national identity cards “Nadra” has become at the top due to this latest technology about which we have never heard before. Get details about the “Ehsaas Amdan Program” from this link.

Apna4G Conclusion

We have briefly described the application method above. However, those users who still have any queries or questions can visit the nearest NADRA branch. Therefore, this service is valid for all those users who live in Pakistan or those Pakistani citizens who live abroad.

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