How to Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID (Check Trx ID History)

It is very easy to Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID using its official app. Hence Jazz Cash Transaction ID tracking is possible in 2024 by following the given steps of Apna4G.

Do you have recently used JazzCash *786# App to send or receive money from a friend, office colleague, business partner, or from your customers? If Yes! Then, Jazz Cash allows its users to keep the history of their money (send or receive) in recent days or months.

Basically, you are eligible to save (download) the transaction history (transaction id) in 5 easy steps in the Jazz Cash money transfer system. Let’s take a look at each step to check Jazz Cash trx id carefully and remain up-to-date about our recent transactions.

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID (5 Tricks)

There are 5 different methods that allow the Jazz Cash user to inquire (track) their previous transition id. We have described each method here with step-by-step details, including its images.

Here is the list of 5 methods to check id:

  • Check via Jazz Cash App
  • Inquire through Trx SMS
  • Tracking via *786# Code
  • Call 021-111-124-444
  • Go to the Jazz franchise

Now see all these methods with their details and select the easiest method that suits your personality to check the transaction id, trx id, and transaction history of Jazz Cash’s recent payment.

1st Method (Check via Jazz Cash App)

Jazz Cash app is an all-in-one solution for history + transaction ID tracking (inquiry). Hence, download it through the play store and follow these steps to Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID using its app:

Open the Jazz Cash app on your phone

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID 2

Click on “My Account” present on the right side

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID 3

In the account menu, please click on “Transaction History”

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID 4

Your all recent “sent/received” Jazz Cash history will open

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID 5

Now click on any payment you made recently or today

Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID 6

Next step will open “Transaction Full Details” in a white box and this is what we need

white chit

Here the Jazz Cash TID is your (Transaction ID) number present at the top

trx id

You can also click on the “Save” button to download the JazzCash transaction full details

trx id 2

Jazz Cash (trx id) or also known as Jazz Cash Transaction ID contains 12 digits

12 digits

Via the Jazz Cash transaction history box, you can detail about funds, date & time

This is the all-in-one method to check Jazz Cash transaction ID for free. In addition, this trick is a legal method to check total funds transfer, receiver + sender name, both users’ phone numbers, and other info.

2nd Method (Inquire through Trx SMS)

Jazz Cash always sends an auto-generated (full-details containing) SMS to both sender and money receiver. This Jazz Cash auto-generated SMS usually looks like the given example:

trx sms

Hence, the answer to the question “How to Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID”, is to open your inbox and check the Jazz Cash official SMS for Transaction ID details.

3rd Method (Tracking via *786# Code)

Basically, those keypad mobile users who are using Jazz Cash can operate all features of JazzCash via *786# code.

786 code

Just dial this code and check recent transaction ID & history. You can inquire through this code while using any device, even the keypad or touch screen mobile.

4th Method (Call 021-111-124-444)

This is the easiest trick and is always used when no other method is suiting your personality or situation. Hence, dial 021-111-124-444 and inquire about the details of recent or specific Transaction ID of any date.

helpline code

When the call connects, then ask the agent to Check Jazz Cash Transaction ID, and they will check it and give you full info. Note that call charges will apply for inquiry.

5th Trick (Go to Jazz franchise)

In the end, visit the Jazz franchise with your SIM having a Jazz Cash account and ask the franchise owner to help you.

jazz franchise

They are professionals that are working for Jazz users’ welfare, and they will definitely help you because it is included in their duty.

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Apna4G Suggestion

We always suggest the best trick to our dear visitors. These are all those tricks that can inquire “trx id” for you. Remember, besides these tricks, no other trick or method can help you. Hence, follow any given trick and always remember to visit the Apna4G portal for awesome & helpful articles like this one.

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