Ehsaas Eidi Program 2023 | Register & Apply (Online)

Get special Eidi this year on Eid-ul-Fitr by online registering in Ehsaas Eidi Cash Program 2023 using 8171 Web Portal. 4 steps to apply for Eidi are described here.

All of us know that Ehsaas has many programs currently working for the welfare of the poor people of Pakistan. This is the holy month of Ramadan and after a few days, we will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. To make the happiness of our Eid-ul-Fitr double Ehsaas has launched its registration once again.

Basically, the Ehsaas Eid program or Ehsaas Eidi program is not a new program. It is the same old Ehsaas program but this time the registration started when the EID is arriving near. That’s why people are searching the “Ehsaas Program Registration” keyword with a new name of “Ehsaas Eid Program” 2023.

اس حقیقت کو یاد رکھیں، احساس عیدی صرف ایک نام ہے، بنیادی طور پر احساس لوگوں کو پیسہ فراہم کرتا ہے۔ اسی لیے عید الفطر کی آمد کی وجہ سے لوگوں نے احساس کا نام بدل کر عید پروگرام رکھ دیا ہے۔ یہ وہی پرانا پروگرام ہے۔

Ehsaas Eidi Cash Program

1st of all I want to clarify the fact that following registration (online application) is just related to Ehsaas normal routine application and there is no new program related to it.

Basically, Ramadan is continuous and after this month we celebrate EID day. That’s why we belong to this special month with the EID event the people selves rename the Ehsaas Program into Ehsaas Eid or Ehsaas Eidi program. That’s it; there is nothing more except the simple registration on the 8171 portal in the Ehsaas Eid program 2023.

How to Apply For Eid (Eidi)

Just follow the given steps and Apply (register) your CNIC in the Ehsaas database. Once your CNIC gets approved on the BISP computer then you will get money regularly.

  • 1st Check eligibility via SMS
  • Then register through the Ehsaas center
  • Finally, wait and on approval get paid
  • Collect money from Ehsaas official center

These are those steps that apply every time you want to register or apply for any Ehsaas program.

1st Step (Check Eligibility)

Follow these steps to check your eligibility. Whether your name is eligible to get money from Ehsaas (BISP) or you can’t get regular help because of any reason.

  • Type your CNIC number
  • Send it to 8171 official code
  • Wait till you receive an official reply
  • This is an auto-generated reply that tells the user’s eligibility

Note: That entire users who have got property, major vehicles or other belongings registered on their CNIC will not able to get this aid. This is an aid for poor people, not for those who own valuable property.

2nd Step (Visit Ehsaas Registration Center)

Online registration is not possible in any program of Ehsaas or BISP. The main reason behind it is the condition of your thumb impression requirement for the registration of any Ehsaas program. On the other hand in rear cases, the Ehsaas agents visit the houses and complete surveys but this only happens in villages.

Hence complete your registration from the center and wait for an unknown time (a few weeks or months). In the meantime, you can check your registration status online via the given method (3rd step).

See: Full Details about Eidi Program

3rd Step (Check through احساس 8171 ویب پورٹل)

Now you have to check your application (Ehsaas registration status) whether you are approved or rejected. The easiest method to inquire about registration is to follow the given steps:

  • Visit احساس 8171 ویب پورٹل
  • Basically, for user’s service, it is in Urdu
  • Click on اہلیت کے بارے میں جانیۓ
  • For Registration time you had to receive a slip from the center
  • You have to take that slip with you and fill in these fields
  • Enter your “Form Number” (Slip Number) or user CNIC
  • Applicant phone number (given to Ehsaas for registration)
  • Resolve the captcha by entering the number present in an image
  • “Maloom Kren” and your full details about registration will come
NSER forum

4th Step (Get Paid)

All those users who get the notification of successful survey completion will get money from Ehsaas centers. On the other hand whose details don’t appear or show a negative message will not get money.

Get Full Details via “Raabta”

Moreover, many users inquire about new Ehsaas programs from me. Remember that Ehsaas has recently launched a portal “Ehsaas Raabta” which contains info about all those Ehsaas programs that are new and never known by common Pakistani.

Ehsaas Rabtaa link

Hence click on the image presented above and visit the Raabta site. This will give you detail about the new and old programs of Ehsaas (BISP) for free.

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