How To Apply For Electricity New Connection in 2024 | Guide

You can apply for Electricity New Connection with an online form. Apply through one link for all companies, or separately as you desire. Apna4G has mentioned 2 basic tricks. These tricks can help you to get a new electricity connection. While sitting at home through an internet online application form for free. So how does this work? And what do you have to do? All these questions are answered in detail below for you.

Due to the internet, it has become very easy to apply for an Electricity New Connection meter. Now you can apply to both mobile and computer. These available forms apply to all electricity companies in seconds. Just provide your basic info & submit your form.

The government of Pakistan has launched a new web portal. This portal has been specially designed with a fully online form. This form allows the common person to use this page and apply online. We have pasted the portal address below.

Apply For Electricity New Connection

Basically, there are two steps that can help you to apply for a new connection to the electricity meter. Here you have to remember that you can try both of these tricks because one among them will work 100% for sure.

Let’s see the methods / tricks that works in Pakistan to get a new connection of electricity for commercial and domestic use. These methods are valid for all electric companies.

1: Visit

Visit this official link and apply online because this link has all companies’ options. This is an official website designed by the Pakistani Government to apply online. Whatever e-company your region has, just open the link. Many times people don’t know about their region’s e-power station name. That’s why the first website is for those people (just open the link & fill out the form to apply) for free.

2: Visit Websites Separately

This is a second trick and in this method, you have to visit the official website of your region separately. We have given below all the links to the total e-companies of Pakistan. Just click on your region company and get your online connection form.

Apply For Electricity Connection

Just follow these following instructions and online apply a new meter connection in Pakistan.

  • Click on Electricity New Connection (ENC)
  • All-in-one portal for new connections open
  • Now select “New Connection Type”
  • Select your coverage area
  • Select area company name
  • Fill the required form correctly
  • Now provide your contact number
  • Provide other sources of contact
  • Attach your neighbor’s information
  • Attach applicants & witness CNIC copy
  • Paste neighbor electricity bill copy
  • Agree to the general terms and conditions
  • Click on the “SUBMIT”
  • Done! Your application will review and you will get a new connection soon

All IN ONE Webportal (ENC)

In the past, we have to visit the electricity companies’ offices for new connections. But now, to make this service easy and faster. The government of Pakistan has made a web portal for the whole of Pakistan. Means complete Pakistan wherever you are from, you can apply online. Get your new connection in a few days.

  • This is an all-in-one web portal
  • Get new connection in Pakistan
  • Portal support All-Electric Companies
  • Just fill the required fields & correct options
  • Agree to the terms & conditions and click Submit
  • Moreover, This is an easy & quick method for everyone

What is Electricity New Connection (ENC)?

Electricity New Connection (ENC) System or is an online website. This website supports all electricity companies supplying electricity in the whole of Pakistan. Hence, if you have any complaints, or you want to apply for a new meter or any other related task. Moreover, You can visit this website and in seconds solve your problem online at your home. Get a maximum discount on Storm Fiber Internet Packages today!

Electricity New Connection Companies

In addition, These are the official pages to apply separately. To the official companies’ websites of different cities and areas. Hence, select your area company and apply for an online bill free.

  • Faisalabad New Connection (FESCO)
  • Gujranwala New Connection (GEPCO)
  • Hyderabad New Connection (HESCO)
  • Sukkur New Connection (SEPCO)
  • Islamabad New Connection (IESCO)
  • Karachi New Connection (KESC) (K-Electric)
  • Lahore New Connection (LESCO)
  • Multan New Connection (MEPCO)
  • Peshawar New Connection (PESCO)
  • Quetta New Connection (QESCO)
  • Tribal New Connection (TESCO)

You can select your region electric company link present above. Or you can also apply on the ENC link given above. ENC link will automatically select your region. Because it is a special portal designed for all companies of Pakistan for online apply.

Terms & Conditions

  • All links are present above.
  • Apply for a new meter on ENC.
  • Demand notice is important to pay.
  • A neighbor e-bill copy is necessary to apply.
  • Complete produce has been mention on this page.
  • Moreover, you want step-by-step guidance, visits the official ENC.
  • Hence, The company has the authority to accept or reject your application.

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  • Online system for new connection application is of no use but addition to the expenses because applicant has to submit application in hard shape at the concerned SDO office along with a handsome bribe otherwise they do not entertain the application on record.No body is sincere to check the corruption ND fecillitate the wapda customers.

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