How to Check Ufone Remaining MBs

How to Check Ufone Remaining MBs – Dial *706# and check the remaining data of your Ufone internet package. The network will charge Rs 0.12 for each inquiry.

There are several tricks to Check Data. However, it may also depend upon your package type and its validity. Here we have discussed more than 3 tricks to check your remaining MBs in Ufone. However, each trick works on every package. That’s why this post is going to be universal for all types of data package subscribers of Ufone 2G/3G/4G.

Many times it depends upon the package type you have subscribed to. As we know, many subscribers activate daily, weekly or monthly bundles. Many subscribers subscribe to a one-day data package. In addition, the package type 2G/3G/4G also varies in each case.

Check Ufone Remaining MBs

We have mentioned the universal codes and best tricks that will help you to check “how many MBs have you consumed and how much data is still present in your package”. Hence, let’s start today’s post without any further delay.

There are basically many codes that show the remaining data bundles, depending on their validity. As we know packages are divided into hourly, daily, 3-days, weekly and monthly basis. That’s why the codes also change.

MB Check Code

A universal code that can be used by every Ufone data package subscriber to check remaining MBs is *706# costing PKR 0.15 on per check as the service charges.

MBs Check Code*706#

Note: The code is universal and works on every data bundle.

MBs Inquire Trick

Subscribers can also check the status of the remaining data by downloading and installing the famous “My Ufone App” from the play store. This application also has a complete record of the current package, remaining incentives, and expiry time (all in one). Hence, this trick is best for all those subscribers who want to “check the remaining data”.

Best Method To Check

In my view, the second trick is best, to check the remaining data. In the second trick, the “My Ufone App” didn’t charge even a single rupee to check one thousand times. On the other hand, the code deducts PKR 0.15 per check. Hence, the app trick is best to check the status of the data package.

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Apna4G Words

If you are going to check your remaining incentives, especially data, then use “My Ufone App” because it is free, and it gives a better result. Its result includes the current package name, its price, its current remaining incentives, and its expiry time. That’s why download and install the app from the play store.

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