Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package 2024 | 2 Hour Net Offer

Dial *150# to activate Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package and get 1500 MBs (1.5) data to access 3G/4G plain internet for 18 rupees. It is a prepaid hourly 3G/4G internet package and its actual name is Telenor Good Time Offer.

Do you want to get internet for 2 hours on Telenor SIM? If yes! Then it is only possible when you activate Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package on your SIM card. This package is famous and costs only Rs 18 to provide 1.5 GB of internet.

Whether you want to watch videos on Facebook, or YouTube or want to use plain internet for finger-swiping, these MBs will work. In addition, these MBs are also available for 3G/4G users. Hence, it is a 3G/4G (internet 2 hour package) provided by Telenor for its prepaid customers for 2 hours of usage.

Telenor 2 Hour Internet Package

Getting internet on Telenor SIM for 2 hours is possible through Raat Din Offer. Just dial *150# and enjoy the 4G + LTE (super speedy) FB data MBs through a mobile data connection.

These MBs that you will get from Raadt Din Offer will work for 2 hours only. And the data will automatically expire when the time ends. Let’s take a look at this offer price, code, and full details:

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Raat Din
Validity:2 Hour
Price:Rs 18
Subscribe Code:*150#

Note: The user will also get 1500 MBs for 2 hours by subscribing to this offer.

How To Activate 2 Hour Net?

Dial *150# to activate this 2-hour internet package. On the other hand, those users who want to adopt other methods to activate it can use the official Telenor App (search) Good Time Offer and activate it. You can also insert your number below and activate this offer online.

sub online code

Enjoy 120 Minutes

The actual time of this offer is 2 hours (120 minutes). Hence, enjoy the plain MBs by activating the best 2 hour bucket of Telenor. Hence, this low amount of MBs will only consume a few hours. That’s why it is known as Telenor 2 Hours Internet Package.

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Terms & Conditions
  • GSM prepaid users can activate it
  • Both djuice and Telenor can activate it
  • You can activate the 1500 MBs offer multiple times
  • The validity of multiple subscriptions will remain the same
  • All types of taxes including GST (government taxes) apply