Telenor Call Packages 2 Hours – How To Subscribe

Telenor Call Packages 2 Hours has the first and most famous Good Time offer. Here we have a 2-hour offer subscription code and price.

Every telecommunication network in Pakistan has launched a 2-hour call package according to the bundle’s own price. Here we have the latest bundles of each network on apna4g. Today we are going to talk about 2 hours (120 minutes) of call packages. First, our 120 minutes call bundle is launched by Telenor. It is the most used network in Pakistan due to its maximum coverage.

People searched the bundle with 120 calling minutes but its real name is Telenor Good Time Offer. The reason behind the publicity of the second name is its specific validity of just 2 hours (120 minutes). The subscription code & other specific information is given below.

Telenor Call Packages 2 Hours

Now you can enjoy unlimited Telenor calls for 120 minutes. The price of this bundle is kept very low. You can subscribe to the bundle in just PKR 6 including taxes. There is no call setup fee on the calls made between 120 minutes after subscription.

Good Time Offer

Activate Telenor Call Packages 2 Hours (Telenor Good Time Offer) by dialing *345*20# from your SIM and enjoy 2-hour unlimited calls & Facebook. The subscription to a 2-hour bundle will deduct PKR 6 from your account and give you 120 minutes for unlimited calls.

The subscription code, price & validity of the 2-hour call & data bundle is given below:

Offer Name:Telenor Good
Time Offer
Data (FB):250 MBs
Calls (On-Net):2 Hours
Calls Type:Unlimited
Validity:120 Minutes
Price:PKR 6
Call Setup:PKR 0

Note: Telenor & Djuice users can subscribe to the offer.

Facebook 250 MBs

With the subscription of 120 minutes Telenor Good Time Offer, the subscriber will also receive 250 MBs, especially for social website Facebook only. Yes! Now enjoy 2 in one with Telenor Good Time Offer. The 250 MBs will remain valid for the next 2 hours. Now it’s on you whether you make on-net calls or enjoy socializing in 6 rupees.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Both Telenor & Djuice subscribers are valid to subscribe.
  • The call setup fee will not apply for 120 minutes.
  • Use 25 MBs of data for Facebook socializing.
  • Make unlimited calls in the allowed time.
  • Offer Multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • Click here for more INFO & Details.

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