How to Check SCOM Number – SCOM Number Check Code 2024

How to Check SCOM Number for free? It is a frequently asked question that we have answered here with its price & code details. Remember that Apna4G is going to describe the step-by-step guide that will help you to know your SCOM number.

As you know very well that Pakistan has got two beautiful hill stations AGK & Gilgit-Baltistan. In the whole world, no place can compete with the natural beauty of these two spots. Due to the over-snow of ice crystals from the sky falling snow, these two places are also dangerous.

People of these places live hard lives due to the natural climate, but the one and only “SCOM” network provides 3G/4G coverage at the peak level of the world in AGK & Gilgit-Baltistan. Hence, we are going to describe a few lines about SCOM today in our article.

How to Check SCOM Number

Checking the SCOM number is very easy because the officials have launched 3 methods that can help you to inquire about your number. People just know the 2 methods to check their own number, but the exact methods are three, and here we have described all of them separately.

Inquire about your SIM number with the official code, use the network helpline, and the last method is SCOM App which gives you complete info about the prepaid number for free.

These 3 methods can help you, so let’s take a look at each:

  • Official Number Check Code
  • Number Check via App
  • Inquire using helpline

Official Check Code

The official SCOM Number Check Code is *999# and this code works on both (prepaid & postpaid) users. Dial this code and inquire about your SIM number for free.


ServiceSCOM Number Check
Price:Rs 0.01
Status:Prepaid + Postpaid

How to Check SCOM Number Using the App

Download and install SCOM App from the play store and open it. When the user gets registered and successfully opens the app, then on the front page, the network automatically shows the basic details of that number. For example: on the SCOM App you will see your own SIM number, remaining balance, SMS, Minutes, and MBs for free.

Official App Method

Call on Helpline

In the end, the last choice left for all those users who don’t want to dial the code or want to download the app will have to call on the official helpline. Yes! This is the last method that can help you instantly. You just have to dial 111-SCO-SCO (726-726) and ask the agent to tell you the prepaid or postpaid SIM number you are using. This service may charge official call taxes.


Service:SCOM Helpline
Charges:Rs 2.01

Get the latest 2024 SCOM Internet 3G/4G Packages details with price and code from this official link. You will get full info including MBs amount and validity on one page.

Video Guide For Users

This is our official YouTube video that is present here for those users who don’t want to read full article. Watch this video to get full info about SCOM Number Check for free:

Why To Inquire Number?

Finally, the question that arises from the whole conversation that is described above that “why inquiring about the SCOM SIM number” is so important? It is definitely very important because the user must remember its number to provide it to friends & family members so that others can contact the user at the time of need using (a call or SMS) service.

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