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How To Play PUBG in Pakistan On Mobile? Guide

As all of us know that PTA has banned our favorite game PUBG, however, we can still play this game using a VPN. How To Play PUBG in detail.

PUBG is basically a battlefield online game in which we have to complete difficult missions. Therefore this game is very interesting and people use it to spend their leisure time.

How To Play PUBG – PTA Statement

According to PTA, they have banned this game in the whole of Pakistan due to its numerous complaints which they have received from the whole of Pakistan. People complained that this game is harmful to kids as in this game only battleship and war have been representing which is against human rights.

A man has been aimed in this game to kill people to earn rewards and to unlock different levels. That’s why this game impact negatively on human minds.

What is A VPN or Proxy?

VPN or proxy is a gateway through which you can access those websites and apps which as banned in your country. These VPN and proxy apps are widely available at the play store and they allow its user to play PUBG.

How To Play PUBG With PUBG VPN Proxy?

Simply download a VPN or proxy from the play store and install it to allow this app to make changes or to access your android or laptop. Now it will automatically connect you from a new imaginary IP address and you will be able to play games.

  • Download a VPN or Proxy from the play store.
  • These are the top VPN’s of the World for PUBG game.
  • VPN Master
  • Melon VPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark

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Now install the VPN and open it. When it connects it allows you to play games easily in Pakistan. Hence these are the easiest and 100% working tricks to get connected and stay online on the battlefield.

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