J. Jinnah Day Sale 2024 With Price | Details

J. Jinnah Day Sale – Celebrate this 25 December by wearing sale stuff of Junaid Jamshed brand. Get 20% and 40% discount on the latest arrival and enjoy winter with green color in remembrance of our great leader Mr. Jinnah.

1st of all, you need to know basic details about this Jinnah day. As you know, the father of our nation is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was born on 25 December 1876. That’s why, every 25 December, we remember the great leader, his efforts for Muslims, and his great work.

Keeping in mind the huge personality of Quaid, the leading brands and outlets also give massive discounts and sale alerts. Hence, the 25 December is also considered as a great opportunity to shop the best stuff at affordable & sale price.

J. Jinnah Day Sale 2024

As you know, it is the month of December and in a few days, we will celebrate Quaid Day on 25 December. That’s why; the top clothing brand Junaid Jamshed has launched 20 & 40 percent discounts. In addition, remember that the Junaid Jamshed brand is also known as J.

Now the question arises on which products (dresses) the J (dot) brand is giving discount? Remember, all types of Women, Men, and Kids wear verities are available here in this sale. In addition, the Junaid Jamshed brand is also giving a huge discount on its latest “Fragrances” collection. All of these products that are included in the 25 December sale are present here on this page with the original and new prices.

Jinnah Day Sale 20% and 40%

After applying the flat 20% and 40% discount you need to pay half price of the dress you choose because a major concession has already been given by J. Moreover, remember 1 fact here, the Junaid Jamshed brand has introduced new dresses today for the 25 December Sale. Hence, those girls who were looking for new designs and suitable dresses for December must take a look at these new designs and perfect stuff.

Stitched Collection For Girls

1st of all, here we have the girl’s new collection for the 25 December Sale. All these dresses are stitched and come in ready-to-wear condition. Just shop any dress from these given suits and make your 25 December (Quaid Day) special.

Unstitched Dresses For Girls

After the successful display of stitched dresses here take a look at new unstitched dresses. These all are designed according to winter extreme weather. The stuff is usually khaddar and karandi.

New Arrival Kurti Designs

Many of us (Pakistani ladies) only need to buy shirts because we often have matching trousers and dupattas in stock. That’s why; keeping in view this universal truth, the officials of the J (dot) brand has launched a special Kurti (shirt) collection here in this sale.

It comes with a variety of shirts having different stuff, color, and appearance. Just buy any shirt from this Kurti collection and complete your 2pc and 3pc suit at an affordable sale price.

Wardrobe For Kids (Boys & Girls)

If you are a mother and worry about what your kids (girls or boys) wear, then here we have a solution for you. Yes! The new 25 December Sale is also giving kids collection with the same percentage of the discount.

Kids Girls New Arrival

It is new arrival according to winter for kids (girls) that contains new designs for little butterflies. The color combination here in this collection is according to the girl’s priority. As you know, kids prefer pink, yellow, peach, and of course green color.

Kids Boys New Arrival

Do you want to get something special for your little Spider-Man? If yes, then the latest J. Jinnah Day Sale has got something special for you. Here, the eastern look (Shalwar Kameez) given to your son will definitely make his personality glow.

Men’s Latest Collection With Sale

Where is the Baba Jan of your family? Here we have got new designs for men in the latest Shalwar Kameez (Stitched) and pure stuff in Unstitch Fabric collection. In addition, the Men Kurta Collection by Quaid Day Sale is totally outstanding. Let’s see each collection separately.

Kameez Shalwar (Men)

Everyone wants to buy a ready-to-wear suit where no tension of stitching and other issues have to face. That’s why; here we have stitched men’s Kameez Shalwar collection. See and select any dress for yourself.

Special Kurta (Men)

Buy a kurta from this collection; select matching or solid-color pants and a universal coat. That’s it; you have completed your look. Now those users who also know this strategy will definitely try to buy 1 kurta from this collection.

Unstitched Fabric (Men)

Select unstitched fabric from the given list and choose what you want to wear on the coming Sir Muhammad Ali Jinnah Day. It’s on you because the price has already reduce to half.

Upto 40% Off On Fragrances & Cosmetics

Whether you are a lady or you are a man, you need both fragrance and a basic touch of makeup to make your skin glow and look perfect while hanging out. Let’s see the list of those items that are present in this category of J.

How To Shop From Junaid Jamshed J. Brand?

It is a simple and easy steps process for those who want to order any product online from the official store of Junaid Jamshed J. Just click on the item (product) you want to buy and click on “Add to Bag” after providing your size in Jinnah Day Sale.

Fill in the basic payment details and successfully submit your order. You can also click here on the given link to shop online from the official website (portal) of Junaid Jamshed J.