Jazz 3 Day Internet Package 2023 With Price

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package comes in two formats having 3-Day Max Offer and 3-Day Extreme Offer in Rs 35 & Rs 46 respectively. Get details about these Jazz 3 Days Internet Packages from here.

Getting internet for 3 days on Jazz 3G/4G is very easy because Jazz has launched 2 packages having internet MBs for this unique validity. Basically, people love to subscribe to the quarter-day buckets because these packages usually come with maximum incentives (MBs) that are allotted to 3G/4G SIM users.

On the other hand, the subscription price of these buckets is very low. Hence the user gets double benefits in the form of (non-stop 3-day internet + lowest price data subscription) simultaneously.

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package

Do you want to subscribe internet for 3 days (quarter-time) on a Jazz prepaid SIM card? Here we have brought two internet packages of Jazz Warid that are valid for 3-Days and provide 3G & 4G internet in the whole of Pakistan.

Remember that the following packages are nearly equal to each other in price but the reason that makes both packages different is calling minutes. Yes! 1st bucket comes with internet + minutes but the 2nd bucket only has internet.

Here are two buckets (3-Days) of net packages of Jazz 3G/4G:

  • 3-Day Max Offer
  • 3-Day Extreme Offer

Prepaid Max Bucket

Jazz 3 Day Internet Package – Dial *631# and activate Jazz 3 Day Max Offer to get 1GB + 100 Jazz Minutes. Activate this offer for 46 rupees.


Offer Name:Max Offer
Data:1 GB
Jazz Minutes:100
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 46

Note: Check 3 DAY-MAX OFFER by dialing *631*2# code.

Prepaid Extreme Offer

2nd package only gives you access to the internet. Yes! Get 3 GB of internet for 3 days with the extreme bucket. Here the main feature is its timetable that starts from 2 AM to 2 PM every day. Hence this 3-day internet package has fixed timing each day. Activate Prepaid Extreme Offer by dialing *114*14# code at the fixed price of 35 rupees.


Offer Name:Extreme Offer
Timing:2 AM – 2 PM
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 35

Enjoy Net 3G/4G

Now using data on 3G/4G has become speedier with Jazz due to the implementation of new technology in the Pakistan telecom industry. To try the speed on your mobile please subscribe to any bucket from above and notice the speed change. It will give you fingertip browsing and quick downloading. Get details about Jazz Weekly Social Plus from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid net buckets
  • All GST and taxes will apply
  • Call setup charges are Rs 0.13
  • 3GB timing is 2 AM from 2 PM
  • Check MBs from Jazz App free

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