Jazz 456 USA Canada UK Offer 2024 | PKR 5.98/15Min

Now call your friends and family members in these three countries with Jazz 456 USA Canada UK Offer. With low rates of PKR 5.98/15Min.

Calling abroad has become easy with the internet. But often people remain offline and their internet remains off. That’s why you have to call your loved ones on a landline or mobile.

Call rates have been decreased as compared to the past, and now you can call in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada with the lowest calling rates ever introduced by any network in history. Stay connected with us & continues reading the article for further details.

Jazz 456 USA Canada UK Offer

Dial 456 before the number of your friend and call whether the number is of the United Kingdom, United States of America, or Canada. You will charge PKR 5.98/15Minutes.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:456 Offer
Call Rates:PKR 5.98/15Min
Dial Num Before Call:456
Call Set up Fee:Applicable
Canada:Mobile + Landline
USA:Mobile + Landline

How To Subscribe?

There is no need to subscribe to this offer. You just have to dial 456 before the number of your friend and start calling. Offer will automatically activate every time you have to make calls with the same procedure.

Low-Rates Call

Yes! In Canada & the USA, this offer is available for both landline and mobile both. On the other hand with this offer in the UK, you can call on landline only. Get details about Jazz Super Duper Card from the following link.

Terms & Conditions
  • The offer is valid for a lifetime.
  • For the USA dial 456 exp: 456001
  • Just dial 456 before (USA/UK/Canada) number.
  • Other packages can be activated with this offer.
  • On every call, users have to pay a call setup fee.
  • This offer is absolutely free & there are no charges.
  • This offer is available for both Jazz prepaid & postpaid users.
  • You cannot call on the USA/Canada premium numbers with this offer.
  • Visit the official Jazz Website for more info & FAQs.

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