Jazz International Call Rates & Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Total 9 million Pakistani live abroad & to stay connected with them Jazz International Call (rates + packages) for daily, weekly, monthly are present here on this page.

A large number of Pakistani lives in various countries on all continents. Some of them live far away from their home for business and studies.  To stay connected with your loved one “Jazz” has always launched the best calling rates.

Jazz International Call (Rates & Packages)

With the start of the New Year 2022, Jazz has updated all calling rates for different countries. Apna4G has also updated the calling rate list and mentioned important countries with their calling rates in the list given below:

Jazz International Call Rates (Landline)

These are the rates for different destinations just for landline holders.

Country:Landline Rate
UzbekistanPKR 19
AfghanistanPKR 38
AustraliaPKR 3
AzerbaijanPKR 25
BahrainPKR 12
BangladeshPKR 14
BelgiumPKR 3
CanadaPKR 4
DenmarkPKR 3
GermanyPKR 3
IndiaPKR 7
IndonesiaPKR 12
IranPKR 31
IraqPKR 25
OmanPKR 25
QatarPKR 38
Saudi ArabiaPKR 11

Jazz International Call Rates (Mobile)

Through your mobile, you can start an international call at low rates with Jazz. Here is the list of different countries with their calling rates through mobile:

Country:Mobile Rate
UzbekistanPKR 19
AfghanistanPKR 38
AustraliaPKR 12
AzerbaijanPKR 38
BahrainPKR 12
BangladeshPKR 14
BelgiumPKR 19
CanadaPKR 4
DenmarkPKR 10
GermanyPKR 19
IndiaPKR 6
IndonesiaPKR 10
IranPKR 26
IraqPKR 26
OmanPKR 50
QatarPKR 32
Saudi ArabiaPKR 9
Full International Buckets

If you can’t find your desired country name and its calling rates then please click on this official link which will redirect you to the official page of Jazz international calling rates.

The link given above is the official website link of Jazz 4G that will lead you additionally about the remaining countries calling rate and their packages. Hence click on it for more info and comment below to support us.

Apna4G Conclusion

It is clear with the cheap calling rates of Mobilink that “Jazz Apna Hey”. Hence now remain in touch with landline & mobile phone calls on the international level at cheap rates.

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