Jazz Advance Balance Code – Prepaid Loan

Dial Jazz Advance Balance Code *112# to get Prepaid Loan on 3G/4G SIM. Jazz provides upto Rs 200 loan according to customers usage history.

Jazz has launched its new double advance service for all its subscribers. If you want to take advance in Jazz in case of emergency, then there are basically two options for subscribers:

  • Get 15 Rupees Jazz Advance with *112#
  • Get 30 Rupees Jazz Advance with  *113#

Both the options are available for every Jazz subscriber to get a loan in an emergency. However, it depends upon the SIM user what he chose because fewer advances cost fewer charges, and double advance charges double charges.

Jazz Advance 30 Rupees

The new super advance has been launched recently in Pakistan by Jazz 4G. According to this service, the network will loan double the amount to its subscribers. Hence, in case of emergence, subscribers can get more balance to call.

To get Jazz 30 Rupees Super Advance:

  • Dial *113#
  • This code transfer 30 rupees loan to the user’s account.
  • The network will charge 5.98 rupees on the next recharge.
  • This service is only for Jazz Prepaid subscribers.

Jazz Advance 15 Rupees

Subscribers can also get 15 rupees advance balance in Mobilink Jazz. This low advance loan charges minor taxes on the next recharge.

To get 15 Rupees loan Balance:

  • Dial *112#
  • This code transfer 15 rupees to the user’s account.
  • Charges of Jazz advance are only PKR 3.30.

Stay Connected 24/7

You can easily avail of this wonderful service in an emergency situation. That’s why we say Mobilink Jazz is a one and only network because it has two different options in advance balance.

Note: Both services charge an officially fixed amount of balance on the next recharge.

Terms & Conditions
  • The subscriber can only take advance when the balance is less the 5.
  • The advance one time in one recharge.
  • Jazz 15 rupees loan deduct PKR 3.30.
  • Jazz 30 rupees loan deduct PKR 5.98.
  • Click here for complete INFO & FAQs.

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