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JazzFi or Jazz WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) | All You Need To Know!

Jazz WiFi Calling (JazzFi) – This technology uses WiFi to make calls even when the tower signals are low or not coming! Hence Instead of using traditional tower signals for calls the user will now able to make calls everywhere with WiFi. This has become able due to new technology launched in Pakistan from Jazz 4G.

VoWiFi technology is the start of new era in the world of telecommunications. As you know, we receive or make calls from one SIM to other due to telecom signals. However the biggest issue of SIM card is “No Signal” alert that we faces in villages, small towns and in mountain areas.

However, Jazz knows that our calls are very important for us. This is the main reason Jazz has introduce such a technology that don’t depend on towers signals for making “calls and sending SMS” from one number to other.

Jazz WiFi Calling (JazzFi)

VoWifi (Voice over Wi-Fi) is the latest technology that is making it possible to make connection to those friends who live in such backward areas where tower signals don’t come. Or if signals come then connectivity remain slow. However after using this technology you can make voice call, send SMS or MMS anywhere anytime in the world.

In the field of telecommunication we are upgrading our old systems to new technology and now great technologies such as 3G, 4G, LTE, VoLTE and VoWiFi / JazzFi. Today our topic is VoWiFi (voice over WiFi) and we have describe it in easy words below.

VoWiFi Service Charges

This service only uses WiFi for calls connection. On the other hand, the protocol for the connection is same. Hence you have to pay same calling rate that you pay when you make a call using tower signals.

VoWiFi Details

Android & iOS Activation

You can activate the VoWiFi the Jazz WiFi Calling facility on your Android or iPhone. Yes! by changing the mode of connection to WiFi Calling in settings area. It is very simple and if you have a latest model of cell phone then it will prove a child play to you.


If we take a look at this technology deeply. Then we must have to appreciate the golden step of Jazz that officials have introduce this latest technology in there SIM card. Now connection of tourists who visit Pakistan northern areas will never drop. Because of Jazz WiFi Calling / Jazz VoWiFi service.

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