Jazz VoLTE Activation, Settings & Supported Devices

Get the better audio quality of Jazz On + Off Network calls via Jazz VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) service. We have explained VoLTE technology here on this page including its Activation, Settings, Supported Devices, and price of (voice-over 4G) service.

VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) is a telecom technology that is an upgraded version for clear audio calls and the fastest internet connection simultaneously. You can call your friends on a low signal because the VoLTE service switches the calls on the data connection. Hence you send or receive (voice) via 4G data in regular calls via VoLTE technology.

Many times we have noticed that we can only make an on-network / off-network call or use 4G internet at 1 time. Whenever we start a call our data connection automatically switches into the 2G or 3G protocols. This was the fault of old technology. But now we have the upgraded technology that will change this system.

Jazz VoLTE Details 2023

In Pakistan, the Jazz 4G is the 1st network that has successfully launched the VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) technology. This means that your Jazz calls will be delivered via 4G protocol instead of old radio wave technology.

Hence get ready to start clear audio calls through Jazz prepaid SIM. In addition, you will be able to use 4G internet simultaneously (at a time) with live calls. This service will combine internet usage & call technology.

4G VoLTE Settings

Here is how you can switch this latest technology to your phone. Remember that only the latest Smartphone launched at the end-term of 2021 & at the start of 2022 has the ability to avail of this service. Basically, the latest Smartphone comes with the built-in option of “VoLTE” in settings.

All the latest (newly launched) mobiles having upgraded (OS & iOS) versions are eligible for VoLTE settings. Hence follow these steps and start calling friends via new technology to communicate via 4G signals on calls:

  • Open your Smartphone setting and click on the “SIM Cards & Mobile Networks” option
Jazz VoLTE info
  • Now click on SIM 1 (Jazz) network option (always remember to insert Jazz SIM in 1st slot)
settings 1
  • Now enable (switch on) the “VoLTE” option present in the Jazz SIM (1st slot) settings
use service
  • Congratulations! Your mobile has started showing the VoLTE option instead of the 4G or LTE logo
done logo

Moreover, remember that you insert your Jazz SIM in slot 1 to switch the “Voice over Long Term Evolution” service on your prepaid number.

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Supported Devices List

We don’t have to mention the names of all phones here because there are numerous devices that support VoLTE service. However, the basic hint for those users who want to use this service. You must have an updated mobile phone iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Vivo, Redmi, and OPPO.

Click “Choose Brand” from below and select your Mobile Company and explore your mobile model from the list of supported VolTe devices:

Check Model Support

Note: All updated mobiles (OS & iPhones) have a built-in option in SIM (Networks) settings to switch this setting on for audio calls via a 4G data line.

Jazz VoLTE Price

Now the question arises “what is the price (charges) of Jazz VoLTE service? Remember that all those prepaid users having updated versions of smartphones can use this service free on the Jazz 4G network. Yes! You don’t have to pay any service charges for Jazz VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) usage.

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Apna4G Conclusion

This is the best service that provides strong connectivity (calls strength) 100% improved as compared to the past. You know in past we had to face sound eco, voice interruption, and connection loss in case of weak signals while voice calls. But now the VoLTE service will switch our calls to the internet data (4G) line and we will receive the best voice quality for free.

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