Jazz 100 Load Tax 2024 – What is Tax Rate on Jazz Load?

When we load our Jazz SIM then GST, AIT, and FED apply and PTA deducts 15% on Jazz 100 Load Tax 2024 automatically from the user balance. Hence, user receive Rs 88 on Rs 100 load. For further guidance of our dear visitors, we have mentioned the “Tax Rate on Jazz Balance” here in this article.

In Pakistan, the majority of telecom users are prepaid SIM users. Hence, the prepaid SIM requires a “balance” to make calls, send SMS, and access the internet. That’s why we recharge our prepaid SIM to access all these Jazz services.

But with the increase of the recent tax rate, everything got an implementation of GST of high rate in Pakistan. Moreover, the tax also implements telecom networks. Hence, it means that whenever you recharge your Jazz prepaid number via card or retailer load then you will not get the full balance because the government will deduct GST on each recharge.

Jazz 100 Load Tax 2024

According to telecom officials, the Government of Pakistan and PTA has fixed the rate of GST, AIT, and FED on SIM load.  Now it’s important to understand each tax term before going to talk about its implementation because (GST, AIT, and FED) are based on telecom taxes set by PTA.

This is the new tax rate on Jazz load according to New Year 2024:

  • AIT (Advance Income Tax) rate is 15% on Jazz recharge
  • The rate of sales tax in the Federal Territory of Islamabad is 16%
  • The rate of sales tax in the rest of Pakistan and AJK is 19.5%

Jazz 15% Tax Apply

Whenever you recharge your Jazz SIM in Pakistan, the government & PTA implement 15% AIT (Advance Income Tax) on the overall balance. Hence, this is the balance you receive an after-tax deduction on different recharge:

15% tax applies & you receive load:

  • 50 Rupees Load get (42.5 rupees after tax deduction)
  • 100 Rupees Load get (88.889 rupees)
  • 200 Rupees Load get (Rs 170)
  • 300 Rupees Load get (Rs 255)
  • 400 Rupees Load get (340 rupees)
  • 500 Rupees Load get (425 rupees)
  • 600 Rupees Load get (Rs 510)
  • 700 Rupees Load get (Rs 595)
  • 800 Rupees Load get (680 rupees)

This is the load you receive after paying 15% government tax on “prepaid SIM cards” in Pakistan. However, those users who want answers to any questions via the comment section.

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When & Where does Tax Apply?

In Pakistan, all networks work under the superiority of PTA and this origination is set by the Government of Pakistan to handle all telecom networks. Moreover, a fixed ratio of tax applies on all networks (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Warid) through PTA. Additionally, the government gives these charges names GST, AIT, and FED and these are compulsory. Hence, you can never receive the full balance in Pakistan on any SIM.

Full Balance Offers

Just 2 telecom networks (Jazz & Zong) has launched 100% authentic and working tricks that transfer full balance on recharge. Yes! These offers only require dialing the subscription code and always receive 100% full recharge without deduction of GST, AIT, and FED.

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Here are the links to those articles. Choose your SIM article and know how you can save your balance from unknown (massive) tax implementation.


We have clearly resolved the confusion of SIM users, “how much balance do we get on recharge of Rs–? Here in this article” in a step-by-step procedure. Hence, support us via the comment below and visit more pages to get related details about other networks.

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