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Subscribe to Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer and receive 50GB of data from (12 AM to 9 AM) for just Rs 130. Dial *117*1# to subscribe this offer.

As it is clear from the data package name, the user will be able to use 4G data with extreme MBs. 50GB data are extreme MBs which are available in just rupees 130 including taxes. This is all because of the unique timing set for this bundle.

Subscribers of this bundle will be able to use the bundle MBs for 7 days. But the timing of this bundle has been specified by the Mobilink official. 12 AM to 9 AM is the specially arranged time that is valid for the subscribers to use 4G data during these hours. Hence this bundle is cheap but its timing bound subscribers to use data at a specific time only.

Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer

Details of the 7-day data bundle are given below in the table. This bundle is also known as the 50GB (50,000 MBs) monthly bucket. Due to the over-popularity of this bucket, we have updated it in the new year 2023. However, we have also described the bundle in one line for you:

“Subscribe to this data bundle & receive 50 GB fastest 4G MBs for one week (7 days) & MBs availability is just from 12 AM to 9 AM only”

Offer Name:Weekly Extreme
Data:50 GB
Validity:7 Days
Timing:12 AM to 9 AM
Price:Rs 130
Data Type:3G/4G

Note: 50GB Data work on 3G/4G SIM cards from (12 AM to 9 AM)

Weekly Extreme SUB-Code

To subscribe weekly extreme 50 GB data bundle please dial *117*1# from jazz SIM. Users must have eighty rupees in their account to subscribe to the bundle. However, the subscription fee is PKR 85 only.

Un-SUB 50GB Offer

The official website of Mobilink did not mention the un-subscription code of the weekly data extreme bundle. However, users can use the “Jazz World App” to see the bundle details and can also unsubscribe from this offer from the app.

Time Usage Policy

This timing is the main reason for the availability of these massive data MBs at a cheap price of just PKR 130 only. A unique timing has been introduced in this data bundle by the network. Users will be able to use the allotted 50 GB of data only from 12 AM to 9 AM for 7 days. Hence this bundle has been bounded in specific timing only.

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Terms & Conditions
  • All taxes apply to the data package.
  • Data is usable on 2G/3G/4G SIM cards.
  • Use codes to sub & check remaining data.
  • The bundle is available to subscribe 24’ o clock.
  • To unsubscribe bundle please use the “Jazz World App”.
  • Click here for further details FaQs & INFO.

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