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Jazz Telegram Package 2023 – Chat, Audio & Video Call

After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the popularity of Telegram is increasing. Hence here we have described the Jazz Telegram Package.

WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy policy according that “every user has to agree that their private chat & calls will be accessible by the officials of WhatsApp”. Hence this app has not remained further private.

That’s why to remain in touch with your friends and family members download & install the Telegram application on your iOS, iPhone & Windows mobile. However, the company has also launched the desktop version of this app.

Jazz Telegram Package

It is true that “Telegram is banned in Pakistan still in 2023”. This is because of its privacy policy which doesn’t allow any third party to see or interfere (audio, video calls & SMS) records. But many useful VPNs have been launched in recent years. You can simply access this app by using any VPN for free in Pakistan.

If you are a Mobilink subscriber and you want to use Telegram on your Mobile or on PC. Simply activate any daily, weekly & monthly 4G data bundle. Use 4G data to connect VPN to your mobile or computer and use unlimited Telegram. These are daily, weekly & monthly packages of Jazz 4G. Subscribe to any 4G data bundle, connect VPN and use Telegram.

Jazz Telegram Package Details

Daily Jazz Package

Subscribe to Daily Browser and receive 50 MBs. You can use these MBs to connect VPN and access Telegram in Pakistan at a low price.

Package Name:Daily Browser
Mbps:50 Mbps
Price:Rs. 11.95
Validity:1 Day

Weekly Extreme

The second bundle is Weekly Extreme which gives 5 GB fastest 4G data. Hence remain in touch with everyone with Mobilink.

Package Name:Weekly Extreme
Price:Rs. 85
Recharge Required:Rs. 95

Monthly Extreme

The third package is for 30 days and 10 GB will be allotted to the subscriber. Furthermore, the validity of this bundle is 2 AM to 2 PM.

Package Name:Monthly Extreme
Price:Rs. 150
Recharge Required:Rs. 168

Why Telegram is Banned in Pakistan?

In Pakistan Telegram was ban by the order of Government officials because of security issues. Just because of the privacy policies which don’t allow any third party to view the records of chat, audio calls & video calls. Hence this can become a major threat to national security.

See: PTCL Bill Check

Many countries have banned this application. But still, this application is accessible & legal in major countries of the world. Due to the increase of technology in the fields of telecommunication & IT fields much new software have been launch which helps us to access these apps.

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