Jazz ESIM Price in Pakistan 2024, Activation Code & Details

What is Esim and which telecom networks have launched it in Pakistan and Jazz ESIM Price in Pakistan? Full detail of the PTA eSIM launched by Jazz in Pakistan is given here. Embedded Subscriber Identity Module or ESIM is basically a new (advanced) SIM type. That has been successfully launched by Jazz. Yes! Now you will don’t need any physical SIM because the digital SIM is going to replace the old small chips. Now it will digitally transmit signals to your mobile (android & iOS).

Basically, with the development of science, technology has made connectivity easier. Still, people don’t know about ESIM (the future SIM) but here in this article. We will convey the full details about this telecom technology in simple words.

Hence, “fasten your seat belts” and let’s take a look at the technology of the future. It will surely connect us with friends & family members without having a physical (tiny card) in the SIM slot.

What is ESIM in Pakistan?

ESIM or “Embedded Subscriber Identity Module” is basically an “embedded” technology that is installed on a device by the officials (telecom network). Once you have successfully “embedded or installed” the E-Technology in your mobile, tablet, or laptop. After that, you can operate the telecom network functions (Call, SMS, Data Usage & other connectivity features) the same as you use in a normal (SIM) card.

Yes! Whether you are using an android or iPhone (iOS) device, you can avail the facility of new technology in Pakistan. But remember that officials have implemented some terms & conditions on this service that we have explained below. We also have given below the benefits & charges of this advanced technology in detail. Hence, read the full article for exact details.

Jazz ESIM Price in Pakistan (Details)

Jazz is now providing eSIM facility officially in Pakistan. Yes! Jazz ESIM Price in Pakistan is Rs 2,000 (excluding standard number charges) will apply. Hence, apply online or visit Jazz Franchise to get your 1st eSIM today. All Terms & Conditions will apply.

Here is the detail of eSIM activation on your mobile:

  • Visit Jazz franchise
  • Register your identity
  • Get a voucher from the franchise agent
  • Now turn on mobile data & open Settings > Cellular
  • In this setting, you have to select “Add Cellular Plan”
  • It will start your mobile camera to scan the voucher QR
  • Yes! Scan your voucher QR code via mobile camera for eSIM
  • That’s it, your eSIM has successfully been installed in your advanced phone
Jazz new SIM

Jazz esim (Price & Activation)

Now it’s time to describe the full info about the “eSIM of Jazz 4G” in Pakistan. Remember that Jazz new technology SIM is available via the franchises of networks present in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi and other major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, officials will launch it in the whole of Pakistan in a few days.

  • The full scan method and register method are the same as described above in the Jazz section
  • In Jazz, the new technology eSIM requires a pin code to fully activate the eSIM on the Jazz user’s device
  • Hence, provide 0000 as the default code and fully activate the new technology on your mobile at an affordable price

Benefits of New Generation SIM

Jazz have introduced eSIM technology, including its new packages and activation methods. Hence, it is now practically possible to have an imaginary SIM on your mobile.


  • No need for a physical card
  • It is an advanced (new) technology
  • It is the new face of the new era of technology
  • People will shift (convert) SIM to ESIM in future
  • This technology has vanished old SIM card system
  • Never worry about SIM card breakage or loss of card

Disadvantages of Module

This ESIM also has lots of disadvantages, which top disadvantages have been given below. Hence, always keep these disadvantages before getting this new technology on your expensive mobile.


  • ESIM requires expensive (new version) devices
  • Same time, you can only have one module (ESIM or SIM)
  • ESIM is difficult (time-consuming) to shift from one mobile to another
  • This SIM Module is still not introduced by the few networks in Pakistan

Phones that Support ESIM

Now it is a big confusion that which models do support new technology SIM or not. Here is a list in which we have mentioned the names of those mobiles (devices) that support this new technology.

iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

In short, all those mobiles that support 4G (launched in 2021-22) & 5G networks will support the new technology. However, we suggest you check the name from the search engine. Before going to decide about the shift of network from SIM to new technology.

Telecom Networks with eSIM

Only few telecom networks are now providing the facility of new technology SIM on your device. These networks are famous due to their quick service, wide coverage, and cheap packages. Yes! You guess right, following two networks gives you the opportunity to convert your device to new technology:

Price Of Jazz Esim

Jazz Esim is a new technology and many 4G / LTE users are using this technology in Pakistan. That’s why, the price of Jazz Esim is Rs 2000 only. These charges are excluding standard number charges. Hence, buy Jazz ESIM today to enter the world of future.


We suggest our dear visitors think about this technology. Because in the future, everyone will use it. Hence, it is important to adopt those technologies that are overcoming old-fashioned systems. We have also described Jazz eSIM details in other articles. Hence, visit those articles to get in-depth details. If you like the author’s writing, then please comment below.

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