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Telenor Answers Today 23 August 2023 | Telenor Quiz Answers

Telenor Quiz Today – Answer the 5 questions (MCQs) and get the free internet MBs via Telenor Answers Today (Quiz) using the app. Telenor has introduced the free Quiz Answer service to answer daily MCQs in the My Telenor App and win free internet MBs rewards. These internet MBs will be between 20 to 100 MBs daily. Hence it is the best source to get free internet daily. We prefer our dear visitors to use these MBs to use the internet on their 3G & 4G devices without any hesitation.

Not only for one day, infect these MBs will be given to Telenor users on daily basis without any stop. You just have to answer 5 easy questions or we can say that MCQs daily. These 5 MCQs will contain four options of which only one option will be right. Hence always give the right answer and receive a maximum reward in the form of free internet MBs.

My Telenor App “Test Your Skills” service was introduced after the launch of different types of free internet services launched by other networks. Hence we can say that this service is a result of competition between telecom networks in Pakistan. However, in this competition, the subscribers of both networks are getting maximum benefits daily.

Telenor Quiz Today

First of all the basic part to get free MBs on daily basis is “My Telenor App”. Hence you have to install this app on your android. We assure you that if you try “My Telenor App Test Your Skills” free daily MBs once.

You will get happy and remain addicted to this mind-blowing free internet service. Here the list of answers & questions for the today Telenor Quiz is given below.

Follow these instructions step by step:

  • Open play store
  • Download “My Telenor App”
  • Now Install & Open it on the phone
  • On the front page, you have to scroll down
  • Click on the green “Test Your Skills” tab
  • Now you will face 5 MCQs/5 Questions
  • Just select the right answer to the question
  • In the end, you will receive free internet MBs

That’s all, these are the easy and 100% working tricks that work on every Telenor prepaid SIM card. If you are willing to receive free MBs daily with zero balance then you have to try this free service once.

Take a look at today’s answers & questions:

Telenor Quiz Today Guide For New Users?

It is very important to guide the new users to completely understand the terms & conditions. It is very simple and easy and I’ll explain it to you step by step in an easy words description.

  • Open the “Telenor App”
  • Now open “Test Your Skills & Win Free MBs”
  • You will get 5 MCQs of the quiz on that day.
  • Answer correctly those five MCQs.
  • According to the accuracy of your answers, you will get free MBs.
  • These internet MBs contain daily 50 & 100 free 3G/4G Telenor data.

Note: Telenor Quiz Answer Gift 50 & 100 MBs will remain valid for just 24 hours.

Telenor Today Quiz Answer Gift Answers

These MBs that you will receive daily on answering the right options of 5 MCQs will remain valid 24/7. Hence these internet MBs can be used by users to use social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, IMO, and WhatsApp. On the other hand, the user can also watch online videos and download what he needs through free MBs.

1st Answer: Lords

2nd Answer: Ever Onward

3rd Answer: Men’s Hockey

4th Answer: William

5th Answer: 25 buttons

How To Get 100 MBs?

100 MBs are also included in the list of these free internet MBs. Hence you can receive 100 MBs by selecting the right answer given below questions numbers 1 to 5. If the answer to any question gets wrong the network will automatically deduct the MBs and as a result, the reward of Telenor subscribers will decrease from 100 to 80, 60, 40, or 20.

80 MBs With Quiz?

Telenor Quiz does not provide full MBs every time. Sometimes the “test your skill” answer that a user click is wrong that’s why the one question that hit answered wrongly by the user will cause him/her the loss of 20 MBs. Hence we concluded that each question reward is 20 MBs which becomes equal to 100 MBs for 5 questions.

Where Are Answers?

You can search for the answers to Telenor Daily Quiz on the internet or through other websites trending on the internet. Many users type the question in the Google search bar and click on search.

Telenor Quiz Answer Today

Hence finding the answer to 5 questions will cause them to search for each answer separately. We don’t recommend that method. Please bookmark our page and get the latest answers every day for free.

12’o Clock Quiz

Daily the answers to each quiz have been updated by Telenor on the official app. Hence all the answers are available on the internet after 12 PM. You can search for new quiz answers after 12 PM at night and use the internet that will remain active on your number till 12 PM the next day.

Today Quiz Ans

These 5 answers that we have mentioned above are the answers to today’s “Telenor Test My Skills” platform. Therefore there is no need to search for any answer separately. We have collected all answers on one page for you. Get them in use to avail free internet without any code subscription or other tricks.

Free Internet

Many users personally SMS me to write an article on Telenor’s free internet trick. Listen carefully that only one trick can give you plenty of internet on daily basis and that is Telenor App Daily Quiz. That’s why I start writing this article to explain every single term of this free MBs service. Basically, free MBs are provided to each Telenor user to increase the number of prepaid SIM users. You will be getting shocked to know that the “Telenor App Quiz” service has increased a lot of subscribers this year.

MBs on Daily Basis

After the hit of the coronavirus the whole world, Pakistan also gets infected. Hence all the people isolated their selves to save themselves from this pandemic virus. Hence here answers of this day have been given on this page as correct answers. We update daily “Telenor Test Your Skills” answers.

On the official app of Telenor, a quiz option exists. On this app, Telenor asks for simple five MCQs with four options for each. Of those four options, only one is the correct answer. Hence give the answer to easy five MCQs daily and win free MBs to use the internet.

See: Telenor Num Booking

All answers are 100% accurate and correct. Just see the answer from here and win the internet for free with zero balance. People start this free app service to answer daily and to get the internet to use social media, downloading, and upload.

Get Free Answers Everyday

These are the five questions that have been asked by the “Telenor App” and their answers are also highlighted below with them. Hence you can visit this page daily and win free MBs because we update answers to these MCQs on daily basis without delay.

Apna4G Conclusion

We recommend our dear visitors answer these “My Telenor Test Your Skills MCQs” correctly because, in case of all wrong answers, the user will not receive any free reward. Hence you have to stay alert and have to answer each question with care. As we have mentioned above that we answer these questions daily that’s why to visit apna4g.com daily to get 100% correct answers for free MBs.

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