What is Flat Data in Zong? Flat Data vs Social Data

What is Flat Data in Zong & how does it work? All those MBs that connect you to the internet are “Flat Data” of Zong. Yes! There are basically two types of MBs that are given via daily, weekly, or monthly packages. Here we have described both types of MBs in full detail.

Getting an internet connection was very difficult in Pakistan in the 19’s because the net was provided via telephone lines only. But with the passage of time, the internet become common among people.

Then the telecom industry start growing in Pakistan and the old-fashioned telephone lines got antique. People transfer their communication to telecom SIM cards instead of phone lines. Then, telecom SIM cards launch internet protocol in their service.

What is Flat Data in Zong?

Zong is counted as the top telecom network in Pakistan. People prefer SIM cards instead of PTCL lines because of cheap rates and ease to carry everywhere because of SIM & mobile palm (portable) technology.

Hence, 1st the telecom authorities launched the calls only. Then with the passage of time new technology was introduce to this service. Now users can use data (internet MBs), SMS, and calls via SIM card.

Type of SIM MBs

The entire internet (data MBs) that we get via Zong SIM comes in two types. These types include the following names, and we have described both of them separately here in this article.

  • Flat Data
  • Social Data

1st Type (Flat Data)

When we receive internet from the network, then a short notification is also given on it that 3G/4G data is social or flat. So the flat data are those MBs that allow you to access the whole internet including Google, YouTube, Social Media, and other apps without any restriction.

“Data that allow accessing full internet without any blockage is call Flat Data in Zong”

2nd Type (Social Data)

Those internet MBs that are given just to use social media Apps or for a few apps only are known as “Social Data” or bound data. Normally these are those MBs that allows user to access a few apps only.

“MBs that allow the user to access few apps or sites are call as social or bound data”

3G/4G Data Speed

The speed of both types of internet MBs is always 3G and 4G. Hence, it depends upon your device and what type of mobile you have. Because the internet protocol is maximum on good (latest) mobiles. On the other hand, it works slowly on 3G devices. Get details about ESIM from here.


When you activate an internet package on Zong 4G. Then remember that 2 types of MBs will be allot to you. Hence, it depends on you whether you consume both flat & social MBs or just use flat data to access the internet via your mobile.