Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan 2024

Now both prepaid and postpaid users can buy Telenor eSIM in Pakistan in Rs. 1000/- only. Shop online or visit nearest Telenor franchise to get your first eSIM today. The whole world uses Embedded Subscriber Identity Module instead of traditional SIM. Here we have eSIM (price & details) on this page.

Pakistan is the only country that still uses the old technology of (ordinary) plastic cards. That works with the tower signals, and it often results in signal loss and weak signal.

That’s why, keeping in mind this fault of SIM cards, the engineers have designed the eSIM that will make sure that the connection of on-network and off-network connections remain strong.

Telenor eSIM

Telenor eSIM 2024 is still not been launched or introduced by the officials. However, the officials have announced that engineers are working on it and in the future, it will be available in Pakistan for Telenor prepaid users.

That’s why you just have to wait a few days, or it may come (release) in the next (New Year) 2024 in Pakistan. Hence, till that time, you have to manage with this ordinary SIM card that will make your SMS, Calls, and internet connection strong on Telenor.

Future Technology in Telenor

Currently, Telenor uses the ordinary SIM card, and it’s all the systems and towers are getting ready to be transferred to eSIM in the future. Yes! As you know in future the people will not use SIM cards on their phones.

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The signals will work according to built-in software that will enable your mobile phone to work without a SIM card. And the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module will transmit signals from mobile to towers.

Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan

As the Telenor eSIM is still not launch and is not publically announce by officials. That’s why no one knows the original or actual price of the new technology module. However, the expected Telenor eSIM price is Rs 800 to Rs 1000. Because the other telecom networks (Jazz) are providing eSIM at this price.

Apna4G Conclusion

Remember 1 thing, Apna4G always updates all the articles. According to the new updates made by the officials of telecom networks. Hence, when the network will launch the new technology facility, we will update this article. Full info with Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (Price, Activation, and Other basic details) in the future.

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  1. Telenor earned 1 billion from Pakistan and still, they are unable to provide e-sim to its customers which shows their focus.

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