Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees Code 2024 – Zong Mahana Voice Offer

Now you can get 100 (Zong to Zong) minutes daily for 30 days with Mahana Voice Offer also known as Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees.

Yes! According to the latest monthly call bundle launched by Zong, you will get 100 minutes on daily basis for 30 days non-stop. Every day 100 minutes for a month with equal to (3000 on-network minutes) in just 80 rupees. I think this is the best ever call package introduced by the telecom network. Just subscribe to this call bundle for 80 rupees and enjoy unlimited on-network calls for the rest of the month.

Those Zong users who always remain in the search of a call bundle having maximum validity are going to get their dream bundle. “Zong Mahana Voice Offer” is going to change your call experience & low charges deduction will make you a Zong fan.

Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees

Basically “Zong Mahana Voice Offer” price is 80 rupees but due to extra tax duties & other charges, the user has to pay (load) PKR 160 rupees while activation of the bundle. Hence, the name of this bundle has been kept as “Zong Monthly Call Package 80 Rupees”.

Zong Mahana Voice Offer

Here are the complete details of the “80 Rupees Mahana Voice Offer” to get “daily 100 Zong to Zong minutes for 30 days” with its activation code, price, and validity.

Bundle Details:

Offer Name:Mahana Voice
Zong Minutes:3000
Daily Minutes:100
Offer Price:PKR 80
Required Load:PKR 160
Validity:30 Days

Daily 100 Minutes

With just 80 rupees you are going to receive daily 100 on-network minutes. That’s why the connection between friends and relates has become stronger with Zong Mahana Voice Package. Due to the lack of low price monthly call packages, Zong has decided to provide the best 30-day call package to its users. That’s why they have launched this marvelous bundle. You can activate the Zong Supreme Bachat offer to get a discount.

No Call Setup Fee

Many times, the call setup charges prove to be the main hurdle between a call. That’s why Zong has kept this bundle free from “call setup charges” and tax. All calls that a user will start in this monthly on-network package will connect without any call setup additional taxes. Zong Helpline Number

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a monthly call bundle
  • No call setup tax will be charged
  • This is an on-network call package
  • The bundle’s original price is 80 rupees
  • After tax, the price become 160 rupees
  • Subscribe will get 100 minutes daily
  • This bundle is valid for prepaid users
  • Click here for official website conditions

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