Zong Monthly Supreme Offer | 20GB in 999 Rupees

Its time to get 20GB internet, 5000 Zong Minutes, 5000 SMS and 350 Other Network Minutes. Load Rs 999 to activate Zong Monthly Supreme Offer.

Just due to the new bundle price the Zong users have to start calling this bundle Zong Supreme Bachat Offer instead of its original name Zong Supreme offer. This bundle was available for PKR 1000, but now you can subscribe to this package for a whole month for just 999 rupees.

Zong Supreme Bachat Offer is basically Mahana supreme bachat because this bundle is valid for 30 days and its MBs, SMS & Minutes work for a whole month from activation till expiry.

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer

Get 20GB internet, 5000 SMS, 5000 Zong minutes, and 350 other network minutes in just PKR 999 rupees. All these incentives are monthly valid and available in 999 rupees.

Supreme Offer Details:

Offer Name:Monthly Supreme
Data:20 GB
Zong Minutes:5000
Off-Net Minutes:350
Price:PKR 999

Note: This is a prepaid all-in-one bundle.

Monthly Hybrid Package

It is true that Zong Monthly Supreme Offer is a hybrid pack that is a source of SMS, Minutes and Internet simultaneously. In less than 1000 rupees enjoy the best features of Zong for non-stop fun.

Check Code

Basically, there are many tricks and codes which you can use to check the remaining validity, SMS, MBs, and Minutes. However, we have described each code with its work below:

  • Use “Zong App” to check remaining incentives
  • All-in-one details code *102*1#
  • Remaining SMS code  *102*2#
  • Check minutes  *102*3#
  • Inquire MBs *102*4#

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Terms & Conditions
  • Supreme Bachat Offer is auto-recursive
  • Use internet MBs on all 2G/3G/4G devices
  • Monthly offer provide 4GB fixed WhatsApp
  • No call setup charges will apply on voice calls
  • Please click here for more details INFO & FAQs

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