Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus Introduces in 20 Rupees 2024

Activate Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus using the *10# code and get 1.5GB (1500 MBs) for 1 day in Rs 20. It is a fix timing 6 AM to 6 PM internet package for 3G/4G and LTE users.

People know this package with many names due to its timing, data, or its price. Its names are Ufone 1.5GB Offer, Ufone Internet Package for 20 rupees, and Ufone 6 AM to 6 PM Internet Package.

All these packages point to only one bucket, and that is Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus Bucket. Here we have described this package with its price, validity, and timing, subscribe and unsubscribe code.

Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus

You can activate Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus by dialing the *10# code or by visiting the official portal and adding or number below the name of this package present in daily prepaid Ufone internet buckets.

Here are the incentives (MBs), validity, price, and more (additional) details about the 1.5GB Bucket that is present for our dear visitors, please take a look below.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Daily Off
Peak Plus
Data:1.5 GB
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 20
Subscribe Code:*10#

Note: This daily data bucket is for prepaid users only.

1.5GB (1500 MBs) Daily

Isn’t it the best daily (1-day internet package) for Ufone prepaid users? You just need to activate it and enjoy the 1500 MBs for internet browsing, socializing, downloading, uploading, and video swiping. We bet you can’t consume 1.5 GB of data in 12 hours. Hence, it is our professional suggestion to subscribe this offer and enjoy non-stop Ufone service.

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Special 12-Hours Timing

You can use data from the Daily Off Peak Plus bucket only from 6 AM to 6 PM. Hence, it is a special 12 hours timing bucket. Activate this bucket between these hours so that internet usage starts immediately without any pause, and you enjoy the internet for 12 hours for 20 rupees.

Ufone *10# Offer (Daily)

People also know this package with the name Ufone Daily Internet Package or Ufone *10# Offer. Hence, search it with its original name “Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus Offer / Package / Bucket” to enjoy the speedy internet.

Author Suggestion

Do you want to use the internet for a short time? Do you want to access the speedy internet that can access all types of websites in a few seconds at an affordable price? If yes! Then activate Daily Off Peak Plus on Ufone SIM. Because this is the only package provided by Ufone that gives 1.5GB (1500 MBs) for just 20 rupees.