Jazz 25GB Weekly Internet (Day & Night) Package 2024

There are two Jazz 25GB packages. These packages come with 25,000 MBs for 7 days at an affordable price. We have described both of these packages with their official names, incentives, and codes.

People don’t know the name of weekly 25GB bundles. That’s why many people search the keyword (weekly late night 25GB or Jazz weekly 25GB) offer. That’s why to abolish this confusion we are going to write a masterpiece for you.

Apna4G has proved from its previous articles that “we always prefer truth” instead of wrong codes and packages. That’s why both of these offers are genuine.

Jazz 25GB Weekly Internet

The first bundle is 25GB valid day + nighttime and the second bundle is 25GB that is valid during night hours only. That’s why we have provided the (day & night) keyword in the heading of this article.

There is a huge difference in the price of the 25GB day & night bundle. We have provided here the details and price of each bundle.

25GB Day Time

1st bundle is daytime offer providing 25GB + 5GB (Free) of total data. Hence, it is an everytime working bundle having 30,000 MBs. Dial *506# and activate this 7 days (weekly super max) bundle for Rs 430.


Offer Name:Weekly Super Max
Data:25GB + 5GB Free
Total = 30GB
Price:Rs 430
Validity:7 Days
Check Code:*506*2#
Bundle Info:*506*3#
Package Status:Jazz App

Note: This offer gives 30GB total data for 7 days.

25GB Late Night Offer

The second bundle is late-night weekly 25GB. In this bundle, users receive, 25000 MBs from 12 AM to 9 AM. This is a 7-day bundle available for just 100 rupees. For, 25000 MBs bundle activation dial *117*1# and for this package remaining MBs check you can dial *117*1*2# code. This offer also provides free 25GB data. Hence, total internet becomes 50GB of this offer.


Offer Name:Weekly Extreme
Data:25GB + 25GB (free)
Total = 50GB
Timing:12 AM – 9 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 100
Check Code:*117*1*2#

Note: This offer gives 50GB total data for 7 days.

Day & Night Fun

Now it is clear from above that there are two packages with the same 25GB internet for the same 7 days validity. That’s why the confusion makes people to subscribe the wrong bundle instead of another one. It is clear now, and those who want to activate a daytime or late-night 25GB bundle can select one bundle from above and subscribe to it simply. Share Jazz Minutes from this link. We have described the complete subscription method above.