Jazz Minutes Share Code 2024 – How To Share Jazz Minutes?

Do you have extra incentives? Then help your friends by using the “Share Jazz Minutes” service. Yes! You can share your current calling minutes with prepaid on-network users by using marvelous service. We have described a step-by-step guide to this service here.

Jazz often give free minutes and people can’t finish plenty of free hours. As a result, the provided free minutes or package minutes expire. That’s why, Jazz is now providing a code through which you can transfer your minutes to friends, family members, and other on-network SIM users.

You must have heard about the balance share service. But this term will be new for you because this is a new terminology is share service. Hence, become a good friend because you can save your expensive on-network minutes from expiry by sharing them with other numbers. Firstly, use those minutes that are useable on your number in a given period. Then, if you are unable to use all minutes, you can transfer them. This is a very old service but still, not many people know about it.

Jazz Minutes Share Code

To share your minutes to any (on-network) number please dial *308# and follow the instructions given by the network. Always remember that you can only share 30 minutes at one time. But the network doesn’t implement any type of limit on minutes share.

You can share more than 10 time times but only in the verse of 30 minutes. Hence, it is the best method to share your minutes that are going to expire in the coming few minutes.


Service NameShare Minutes
Transfer:30 Minutes
Charges:Rs 2
Limit:10 time

Weekly Voice Share

There is a specific voice bundle that gives 500 Jazz minutes is Rs 70. When you have activated this package, then you can share minutes. Otherwise, the minute’s share code will not work. That’s why dial *211# and get 500 minutes for 7 days in 70 rupees. You must have 75 rupees in your account to activate the weekly minutes + shareable bundle.

Offer Name:Shareable Minutes
Validity:7 Days

Ge info about Jazz ICC T20 Men World Cup from this link. Always remember that Jazz launch packages according to coming events. Hence, always use Jazz to provide marvelous offers that you can tell the world “dunya ko bta do”.


Always remember that you can share minutes on the jazz weekly 70 rupees bundle only. When you are subscribed to this package, then you are allowed to transfer current incentives to other numbers in 2 rupees charges only. For more details, you can see the network detail page.

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