How To Reset Zong Device 2024 | MBB, Wingle, Evo, Bolt Plus

The method “How To Reset Zong Device” is frequently searched by Pakistani people. That’s why get step by step description including images from this page. Reset means to erase all old settings and re-install the new ones.

Zong 4G is the only network in Pakistan that focuses on the internet instead of calls. That’s why when we talk about the internet, the first number network is Zong 4G. Its speedy internet and cheap rates bundles attract internet users.

Keeping in view the demand of Zong users, the network has launched numerous internet devices. These devices contain Zong MBB, Wingle, EVO, Bolt plus, Cloud, and Dongle versions. We are going to describe the temporary reset, permanent reset, and full reset methods of all the devices in this article. Hence, read more to get full details.

How To Reset Zong Device

Always remember that every Zong internet device has 3 possible techniques through which we can “temporary reset, permanent reset, and full reset” them. We have described all of these here for your complete guide.

The first two methods are usually easy and make possible through internal settings. On the other hand, the last one is the physical method in which you have to provide power to the device and press the tiny button. Let’s take a look at each method carefully.

Temporary Reset Settings

The temporary reset setting is the basic function that is usually used by the device owner to restart the current functions of the internet device. For this purpose, you simply have to follow these easy steps:

  • Type device address
  • Login by typing (admin/admin)
  • Now click on the “settings” option
  • Point out the “reboot” option from list
  • Click on this option and conform “yes”
  • Wait for 10 seconds to restart your device

Permanent Reset Settings

Every electric device has built-in settings. These settings are known as “defaults settings”. When your Zong MBB, Wingle, EVO, Bolt plus, Cloud or Dongle device stop working or provide slow internet then you have to restore defaults settings. This will make the device work 100% accurately. Here is what you have to do:

  • Open login page with device IP address
  • Now provide your set “login name & password”
  • Tab on the “settings” and click on the “restore defaults”
  • Click on the conform button and wait for 10 seconds
  • Lights will turn off and on then your device take some time
  • Congratulations! You save the new settings for fresh use

Physical Button Reset

At the end get info about “factory hard reset or physical hard reset”. In this method, you have to find the tiny hole present in your device. Press that button with a thin pin. Press and wait for 10 seconds till the device restart. Congratulations! The physical setting is successful. Here is the latest Zong Supreme Plus Offer with info.

Make Settings New

When you buy and start a new internet device, its settings are new. You can re-install new settings in any Zong device by using these working methods. For more info, please click the official website link.

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