Zong Network Problem | Why Zong is Down Today?

Zong Network Problem or signal issue is currently happening in major cities of Pakistan. Let’s talk about its causes, fault details, and fix time in this article.

You know very well that Zong is famous for its internet. That’s why the network always tries to improve its service. However, many times this improvement causes trouble for its subscribers.

Today the network is basically working on its improvement of 4G coverage and network towers. That’s why this issue is causing the connectivity error. We have described this error in detail below.

Zong Network Problem

Today when you start using your mobile you will face a shortage of Zong signals. On the other hand, those users who get signals from a peak point cannot make a call.

This is because of complete network blockage in your area. Basically, Zong has blocked its own signals in many areas of Pakistani major cities. These cities include Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, and 10 others. Hence, those Zong users who live in these cities or near the related areas will face these network outages.

Call Service Down

Including call service, you can’t make a single call today. This is because your nearest Zong tower is not providing roaming/signals. You can’t transfer your call to on-network or off-network numbers.

Basic Causes

There are no technical faults in the Zong network. We can say that Zong is improving its 4G service and creating a wide framework for 4G coverage. That’s why you are facing interference in mobile signals. But this temporary fault will make your network fast and reliable in the future.

Fix time

About 3 to 4 hours maximum will it take from now, then you will be able to receive Zong signals. We have said above that it is a temporary issue and the network authorities are working hard to resolve it as soon as possible. Reset Zong Device from here.

Final Words

From all discussions that we have made above, we have concluded that Zong has never interfered in your connection and always tries to provide you continue connectivity experience. However, you can complain to the Zong about your signal problems from here.

21 thoughts on “Zong Network Problem | Why Zong is Down Today?

  • Nisa farrukh

    My 60gb package started from 1st feb and since than the signals are red on my device and network is down. How long will it take for the network to start working again? Should i reset my zong device? If i do so will my package be unsubscribed? My money will be wasted if that happens.

    • M Qasim shah

      I installed the 20GB monthly package on 9 August 2022, but on 14 August 2022, I got a message that you have used up 80% of your data. Although I haven’t used the package that much if you can solve this problem.

      • Roshan jatt

        Data and network problems in my area Sargodha

    • Zong ki sim bilkl chal hi ni rahi h

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    Kb tk thkk huga yah issue bhttt muskil arhi hai

  • Why ZONG SIM is slow in Larkana city

  • i broke all my sims of zong now i am using jazz. thanks, zong service for ghatya internet 2G Speed in B/s

    • my zong sim network is slow plesae help me

  • Ali Murtaza

    Now Zong is a useless network always internet slow now I m using jazz network jazz is the best network for internet

  • Touseef Tahir

    I always prefer zong for internet because it always provides best of best signals and speed but since yesterday the signals are too low plz solve this issue. regards Touseef Tahir

  • My sim is showing that network not available whenever i try to make call or use mobile data etc. Please fix this problem

  • Muhammad afzaal

    I also face the bed signals in my area. I am working on remote base job. kindly solve your issue on Zong network.

  • From tando bago network ka bhut issue he bilkul bhi nh chalta jese hi load shedding hoti he signals chaly jaty hen

  • Suliman khan

    What happened to zong network in Mangri shakarghar in Gujranwala? Please update about zong network in Gujranwala shakarghar

  • Safeer Hussain

    The speed is to slow about 0.10 kbps. Which is unable to do anything. Very bad experience

  • Please set for signal

  • I’m so done with it now I feel like I’ve wasted my time on this network. Why is the internet so slow when you will fix this damn issue I swear to God if it’s not fixed till December I’ll stop using zong sim.

  • Sagheer

    network to thk kro company

  • touqeerabassi@gmail.com

    Network is to slow my area nathiagali kpk


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