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Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Code 2023 – Jazz Value Added Services Unsub

Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Codes and Method (tricks) are present here on this page. Unsub Value Added Services on Jazz using deactivation codes for free.

Word “VAS” stands for “Value Added Services” and there is a total of 5 VAS services in Jazz prepaid SIM cards. Often these services are subscribed to by SIM users or they also activate automatically many times.

Hence we have described here all information about Jazz VAS (Value Added Services) and their deactivation codes are also present here on this page.

Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Codes

Follow these given codes & SMS tricks to deactivate Jazz VAS (Value Added) Services on your prepaid and postpaid SIM:

5 VAS Services of Jazz with Deactivation Codes:

JAZZ VAS Services:UNSUB Codes
Conference Call*188*1#
Zero Balance Call*600#
Jazz Double NumberSMS ‘unsub’
to 4030
Active Services DetailsType UNSUB
<space> Service
Name to 6611
Direct Operator BillingType UNSUBP
and send it to 6170

VAS (Value Added) Services Details

Before going to discuss Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Codes we must have to know the names and operations of each “Value Added Service” to fully deactivate them successfully.

See: Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe

VAS (Value Added Services) is those helpful features (services) that enable Jazz prepaid SIM users to access difficult operations at cheap rates. Yes! These services are very helpful and cost minor prices on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

List of Jazz VAS Services

Jazz Value Added service contains follow VAS services that work according to daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, few services among these works forever after activation & usually such services deduct money each time new recharge.

  • Conference Call
  • Zero Balance Call
  • Jazz Double Number
  • Active Services Details
  • Direct Operator Billing

You must have deactivated (Unsubscribed) these 5 Jazz VAS (Value Added Service) manually, otherwise, they will remain active and charge their fee continuously.

1st VAS Service (Conference Call Unsubscribe)

Jazz Conference Call is a permanent VAS (Value Added Service) that remains active continuously till you manually deactivate it. Dial *188*1# and unsubscribe from Conference Call – Jazz VAS Service.

VAS Service Name:Conference Call
Unsubscribe Code:*188*1#
2nd VAS Service (Zero Balance Call)

This VAS service was launched by Jazz for those users who often face balance shortages while making on-network or off-network calls. With the presence of the “Jazz Zero Balance Call Service,” you can generate a miss-call for free or start a call whose price will be paid by the receiver. Dial *600# and deactivate the Jazz Zero Balance Call service.

Offer Name:Jazz Zero
Balance Call
Unsubscribe Code:*600#
3rd VAS Service (Jazz Double Number)

Be the owner of 2 different Jazz numbers while using 1 SIM through Jazz Double Number VAS Service. You can deactivate (unsub) this service by sending ‘unsub’ to the 4030 code.

Offer Name:Double Number
Unsubscribe via SMS:SMS ‘unsub’
to 4030
4th VAS Service (Active Services Details)

Using the common VAS Service you can check “how many packages/services are active” on your number. This feature is known as Jazz Active Services Details. Type UNSUB <space> Service Name to 6611 to deactivate it.

Offer Name:Jazz Active
Services Details
Unsubscribe via SMS:Type UNSUB
<space> Service Name
to 6611
5th VAS Service (Direct Operator Billing)

Type UNSUBP and send it to 6170 to deactivate (unsub) the Jazz Direct Operator Billing service for free.

Offer Name:Jazz Direct
Operator Billing
Unsubscribe via SMS:Type UNSUBP and
send it to 6170

All these deactivation codes of Jazz value-added services are 100% working and valid because these are mentioned on the official site of the network. They have described 5 VAS services’ subscribe and unsubscribe codes in detail and we have highlighted those deactivation codes here for our dear visitors.

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