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Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe Code ( 100% Working )

You can use Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe code “unsub to 6611” or use the deactivation code of each bundle separately. Here Codes are given:

If you have got tired of those Jazz packages which always deduct your money, then this post is for you. Now you can unsubscribe from all Jazz Packages with two easy methods. There are two basic methods to unsubscribe or deactivate jazz packages.

  • Dialing Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe Code.
  • Deactivate each Jazz package separately by dialing its unsub code.

That’s why we have mentioned both methods with their clear and simple explanation for you.

Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe

There are numerous services & packages of Jazz. That’s why this is an all-in-one code officially launched by Mobilink Jazz for its regular users to unsubscribe from all internet, SMS, or call packages from their SIM. This code will deactivate all packages currently active on your SIM.

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.
  • Congratulations! Your all current Jazz activate packages have been unsubscribed.

Note: This is an all-in-one deactivation code for all Jazz data, SMS & voice offers.

Jazz Packages with Unsub Codes

This is the second trick, and here we have mentioned separately all Jazz packages & services subscription or deactivation codes. You can deactivate your current package by simply dialing the code.

Jazz Caller Tune Unsubscribe Code

  • Type a new message “unsub”
  • Send it to 230.
  • Or Call on unsub number 230.
  • Jazz Tune has been unsubscribed.

Jazz My Status Unsubscribe Code

  • Type a new message “unsub”
  • Send it to 6085.
  • Jazz My Status has been deactivated.

Auto Reply Unsubscribe Code Jazz

To UN-subscribe Jazz Auto Reply please dial *7071# from your Jazz SIM.

  • Dial *7071#
  • An un-subscription notification will appear.
  • You have unsub Jazz Auto Reply.

Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.
  • Jazz TV has been unsubscribed.

Jazz Gameleague Unsubscribe Code

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.
  • You have unsubscribed from Jazz Game league.

Game Club Unsubscribe Code Jazz

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.
  • The game club is deactivated.

Jazz Gameloft Unsubscribe Code

  • Type “GAME STOP” in the new message.
  • Send it to 6767

 The game now Unsubscribe Code Jazz

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.

Jazz Drive Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from “Jazz Drive” please follow step-by-step instructions:

  • Open your “Jazz Drive App”
  • Open the side menu options.
  • Now click on the “My Plan” option.
  • After that, click on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button.

Jazz Hungama Unsubscribe Code

  • Dial helpline 111
  • Or Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.

Jazz Instant SMS Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from Jazz Instant SMS or commonly known as Jazz Missed SMS Alert, please follow these instructions:

  • Type “block” in a new message.
  • Send it to block code 6064.
  • Jazz Instant SMS service has been unsubscribed.

Jazz Advance Unsubscribed Code

To block Jazz Advance service on your mobile, please follow these instructions:

  • Dial *112*4#
  • Jazz Advance service is deactivated on your SIM.

Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code

The official unsub code of the Jazz champion package is *337# however there are two methods to unsub this package.

  • Dial *337#
  • Or dial helpline 111 & ask the agent to unsub offer.
  • Both codes will work to deactivate Jazz Champion Package.

Jazz Daily SMS Package Unsub Code

  • SMS packages can be unsub by dialing  *101*4*01#
  • However, you can call on helpline 111 and ask the agent to deactivate SMS packages.

Jazz Megastore Unsubscribe Code

  • Dial helpline 111
  • Or Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.

Slypee Unsubscribe Code Jazz

  • Dial helpline 111
  • Or Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to unsub code 6611.

Jazz Balance Save/Doosra Account Unsub

To unsub your Jazz Balance Save service or also known as Jazz Doosra Balance Account service, please follow these instructions:

  • Dial *869#
  • Now select no:3 (service khatam kren)
  • Your doosra balance account service will unsub.

Jazz Call/SMS Block Service            

To unsubscribe from the Call/SMS block service, please follow these steps:

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send this SMS to unsub code *420#

Let’s see the detail video to know the method to deactivate /unsubscribe / unsub any Jazz package in easy Urdu language guide:

Packages & Unsub Codes

This is the list of all Jazz Packages unsubscribe codes:

Offer/ServiceUNSUB Code
Jazz Caller TuneSend “unsub” to 230
Jazz My StatusSend “unsub” to 6085
Jazz Auto ReplyDial *7071#
Jazz TV UnsubscribeType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Gameleague UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Game Club UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Gameloft UnsubType “GAME STOP” to 6767
Jazz Gamenow UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Drive UnsubscribeUse Jazz Drive App
Jazz Hungama UnsubDial helpline 111
Jazz Hungama UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Instantic SMS UnsubType “block” to 6064
Jazz Advance service UnsubDial *112*4#
Jazz champion package unsub*337#
Jazz champion package unsub*337*8#
Jazz Daily SMS Package Unsub*101*4*01#
Jazz Daily SMS Package UnsubDial 111
Jazz Megastore UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Megastore UnsubDial 111
Jazz Slypee UnsubType “unsub” to 6611
Jazz Balance Save Unsub*869#
Jazz Doosra Balance Account Unsub*869#
Jazz Call/SMS Block Service UnsubType “unsub” to *420#

How To Check Current Package?

How many packages, or which package, is currently active on my Jazz SIM? It is very easy to check the current active package.

  • Type a new message.
  • Send empty SMS to 3838
  • Call on 111 & ask the agent about active packages.

Apna4g Conclusion

These are the un-subscription or deactivation codes for all Jazz Call, SMS & data packages. However, if you still have any queries then you can comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. Click here for more INFO & FAQs.

42 thoughts on “Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe Code ( 100% Working )

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  • I want to unsub monthly internet package 2gb please provide me the unsub code

    • Dear Jazz Data Infinity Offer (Monthly 2GB) subscriber please dial *709*2# to unsub the package. If this code does not work on your number then please dial 111 and ask the helpline agent to unsub your 2GB package.

      • Arsal ch

        I want to unsubscribe sitaro ka hal

        • Unsubscribe Sitaro Ka Hal ( type ‘unsub ’ and send it to 6611 )

          • how to unsub jazz parho offer

          • I want to unsubscribe

      • I want to unsub dehkho daily offer

    • i have to unsubscribe make my bundle offer please tell me

    • Aatik

      Someone share me a code as jazz gift for free internet. After dailing this my data is not being on. What can I do?

    • I want to unsubscribe each and every thing from My jazz Number Once. please If u Have any suggestions. just tell me.

  • I want to unsub monthly data offer 10gb please share the code

    • There is no official de-activation code, hence call on helpline number for this offer unsubscription!

    • I want to unsubcribe monthly basic 25 gb package. Plz send me unsubcribe code…..

      • Hy Wasim, Jazz doesn’t have launched any specific un-sub code of “Monthly Premium 25GB Bundle” till today. Hence Dial helpline for further assistance!

    • Muhammad Muddassir

      How to unsub GNEVOLVE?

  • Mazhar Iqbal

    How can I unsubscribe the jazz tube offer kindly tell me….

    • To unsubscribe from Jazz Tube service please send “UNSUB” to 4372.

  • Zehra Asad

    I want to unsubscribe Islamic power tools

    • Tariq aziz

      I want un subscribe daily pkg

  • Zehra Asad

    What will be the code to unsubscribe Islamic power tools including prayer time and ayat??

    • Dear visitor, please send keyword PTH at shortcode 7070 free. All the Islamic services will be deactivated. In case you face failure please dial Jazz helpline and ask the agent to unsub “Islamic services” from your prepaid number.

  • I want to unsub Namaz alert

  • Muhammad kashif

    Pls unsubscribe jazz mosafir

  • Zohaib Ali

    Write “Unsub” in the message and send it to 9825

  • Waseem Ali

    Smart sms ko unsubscribe krna ka code

  • Usman Aziz

    I want to unsubscribe daily offer

  • Mushtaq Ali

    I want unsub jazz daily voice message

  • Rizwan Khan

    I want to unsubscribe Jazz Musafir plz tell me code

  • Muhammad Matloob

    I want unsubscribe GNEVOLVE offer and jazz cricket please

  • Zohaib khan

    How to unsubscribe Daily offer

  • How i can unsub Vas service

  • How to unsub Jazz Busuu

    • Dear user, please send SMS UNSUB to 7744 to unsubscribe Jazz Busuu service.

  • Muhammad ayaz

    how to unsubscribe?

  • hassan aziz

    jazz pkgs are perfect

  • I want to unsubscribe from jazz jokes service

  • Aslam khan

    How to unsubscribe from Jazz Sitarun ka Hal?

  • Mumtaz

    Jazz sit around ka Hall unsub nhi ho rha ha Q,, unsub b kya tha 6611 pr phr b nhi ho rha ha, please code btaye or game zone ka b unsub code btaye

    • Jazz Sitaron ka Hal kese unsub kare ?

  • Ramzan

    Sir I want to unsubscribe win it service on my SIM


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