Jazz Hungama Offer Unsubscribe Code – Unsub Jazz Hungama

Here we will tell you the trick & Jazz Hungama Offer Unsubscribe code. Read the article and unsub the offer with various codes & tricks.

Jazz is the only telecom network in Pakistan that provides the best data speed, cheapest call charges & best SMS packages. Hence, the subscribers of this network are also more than other networks. If you want to receive the best speed and stay in touch with all relatives, friends, and colleagues.

3G/4G supported network has launched the best Hungama offer recently. This is a famous package, however many subscribers search for the term “deactivate Hungama package”. Therefore, we have mentioned the best tricks & codes to help you in deactivating the offer.

Jazz Hungama Offer Unsubscribe

To Unsubscribe Jazz Hungama Offer we have different valid codes & tricks. We have mentioned all tricks & codes below with a complete description to deactivate this service from your current active packages.

1st Trick: Jazz Hungama Offer Unsubscribe Method:

  • Type a new message UNSUB
  • Send it to service code 8696
  • Jazz Hungama service will no longer work

2nd Trick: To Unsubscribe from Jazz Hungama Offer follow these steps:

  • Type a new message unsub
  • Send it to service code 4864
  • Jazz will send an unsubscribe confirmation SMS.
  • You have successfully unsub the offer.

In 3rd trick, you can deactivate the Jazz Hungama Offer via a few easy steps:

  • Open Jazz Facebook Official Page.
  • Type your number and message on that page.
  • Request them to unsub the Hungama offer.
  • In a few minutes, they will unsub your offer for free.

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4th Trick:: The last and 100% working trick for those who can’t send SMS or access the FB page:

  • If you are tired & want to unsub from Jazz Hungama Offer
  • Please call on the official helpline number of Jazz.
  • Call on 111 & connect to the agent.
  • Ask him to deactivate the service.

Let’s take a look at this video and learn the method to deactivate this service.

Unsub & Save Balance

These types of services & packages always deduct the user’s balance silently. Hence, many times these services prove to be a detriment for SIM subscribers. You can remove/unsub/deactivate such types of services by following the official trick described step by step above.

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  3. Hungama package was activated and i launched a complaint with jazz to refund my balance. They deactivated the offer but gave no refund saying there is no refund policy of jazz. Needs serious improvement of these issues which are tarnishing the name of a big Pakistani company. Jazz should look into it.

  4. Please Unsub hungama offer on my number and also in the future not subscribes any offer on my number. Kindly un-sub this.

  5. Jazz hangama weekly package subscribe automatically and deduct balance. jazz warid it’s not fair for your customer, stop automatically subscriptions.

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