4864 Verification Code – Which Company Code is 4864?

In Pakistan, many Jazz SIM users are receiving 4864 Verification Code. This pin might be sending on your SIM through 2 different sources. We have defined the complete story of the 4864 pin code with an easy words description for you.

There are several services that Jazz automatically subscribes to the number of prepaid SIM cards. Hence if you have Mobilink prepaid SIM then you can face receiving verification codes from 4864. It is because Hungama offers that auto-subscribe on Mobilink numbers after a short interval. Hence you receive an SMS from this number then keep calm and ignore it.

4864 Verification Code

On prepaid Jazz, SIM Hungama Offer automatically subscribed and the users start receiving different verification codes from 4864 numbers. These are the verification code that has been sending by Hungama offer on your account.

Why I’m Receiving SMS From 4864?

Jazz Hungama Service “notify me” service code is 4864. Notify me to service automatically activated on prepaid numbers. As result users start receiving pin codes from 4864 through SMS. To stop receiving such pin code SMS please unsubscribe Hungama service.

Unsubscribe Hungama Service

You can deactivate or unsubscribe to Jazz Hungama Offer by sending an SMS “UNSUB” to 4864. Standard tax charges will apply on the deactivation of the offer. Hence you will get rid of these SMS codes by unsubscribing from this service.

4864 Microsoft Account

The second reason is to use the 4864 code to reset the account password of the Microsoft Verified Account with this pin. Hence this pin has two uses “Jazz Hungama Offer” & “Microsoft Account Reset” and both of these services are very important for all of us.

Author Review

We recommend our dear visitors to ignore such type of SMS that you receive from unknown codes. These may be from authorized companies or hackers & fraud people can also send you these codes to hack your account or to steal your assets or personal information through different tricks.

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  • Muhammad Ahmad

    It was helpful for me. When I received messages from 4864 I got upset was thinking that what is happening then I found this article

  • I did not send any request to subscribe to Hungama 4864 then why did hangama auto send me a code on my number? I request you to unsub it.

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