How To Activate A New Jazz SIM in 2024 | Initial Steps

How To Activate A New Jazz SIM – Do you have bought a new Jazz SIM? If Yes! Then follow the given steps and successfully activate (start) your SIM functioning via local and national signal coverage.

In Pakistan, if you have bought a new Jazz SIM, then you don’t need to activate it because SIM always comes in “activated” form. But it is also true that you just need to register the SIM card against your CNIC number + name so that SIM starts working.

All the initial steps that are required to “start working” on a new Jazz SIM card are given here. Hence, this article is going to prove as a guide-article for entire Jazz users who are not aware of the initial steps. Hence, we recommend you to read the full “How To Activate Jazz SIM (Initial Steps Details)” article to get 100% info via this page.

How To Activate A New Jazz SIM?

These are the initial steps that are recommended for 2G/3G/4G and 4G-LTE SIM users while inserting the new SIM card 1st time in the mobile socket.

Follow the given steps to Activate Jazz SIM in 2024:

  • Buy a new SIM
  • Pay for the card
  • Now start registration
  • Provide your CNIC to agent
  • It’s time for biometric verification
  • That’s all, SIM is successfully register on your name
  • Now you will get the card from Jazz (agent, franchise)
  • Remove SIM from the plastic socket and insert it in mobile
  • Done! Your biometric verified SIM card will start working according to coverage

Note: SIM Card always works according to area coverage. All the SIM cards are coming these days in 4G or 4G-LTE format. Hence, your SIM will automatically catch 4G signals due to its built-in settings.

SIM Activation Requirements

Now the question arises, “what are the required items we must have to register a new SIM” of Jazz 4G. All the telecom networks ask for the following stuff while registration of a new card:

  • Applicant CNIC for SIM registration
  • Bio-Metric Verification via thumb impression
  • 50 or 100 rupees for the SIM card (new card comes with free incentives)

Free Offers For New SIM

Jazz provides 2 offers that give massive incentives (SMS, Minutes, and MBs) only to those users who have bought a new SIM card recently.

  • New SIM Offer (Sale Offer)
  • Super SIM Offer (3 Months)

Let’s take a look at both packages (offers) that are specially designed for those Jazz 2G/3G/4G users who have bought a new SIM recently and become the respected member of the Jazz Network (telecom) family.

See: Jazz Weekly Mega Plus

New SIM Offer (Sale Offer)

Buy a new SIM of Jazz having any coverage capability and dial *191# to get plenty of incentives for 1 week. Details are given below:

Offer Name:New SIM
Validity:Till Expiry

Note: Load your new SIM with 50 or above the balance and get an extra 2GB, 1000 SMS + On-Net Minutes for 3 days additionally (New SIM users) only. Each call via free minutes will deduct 0.15 call setup while using the New SIM Offer.

See: Jazz Easy Package Details

Super SIM Offer

It is a weekly offer that is available for only new Jazz SIM users. Just buy a SIM and recharge (load) 60 rupees and dial *476# and get the following incentives for 1 week.

Offer Name:Super SIM
On-Net Minutes:600
Off-Net Minutes:30
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 60

Note: SIM bought in recent 3 months can get this offer, otherwise this offer is not for old users.

Buy A SIM Today & Enjoy

Now it’s my final conclusion that all users who want to get free minutes, SMS, and MBs can buy a Jazz SIM and activate it via the given method present above. Hence, enjoy the unlimited (fast) service of Jazz in your area.

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