Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code 2024 | Deactivate Code

We have described 3 possible methods to deactivate Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe for free. Select one code & unsub the package.

As all of us know, the champion offer is a lifetime all-rounder and perfect money saver offers. However, many times this bundle has proved to be not suitable for many people. That’s why Apna4g has mentioned all valid and legal codes to deactivate the jazz champion package.

Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe Jazz Champion Package, follow these instructions:

  • Jazz Champion Offer Unsubscribe code is *337#
  • Dial *337# and select the option “UNSUB”
  • Jazz champion package unsubscription charges are Rs. 0.06.
  • For more details, dial Jazz helpline 111.

Champions Offer Unsubscribe (IVR)

To deactivate Jazz Champion Package automatically, please use the IVR method. Through LVR service, we can activate a new service in the place of the Jazz Champion Package. Hence, the network will activate the new selected bundle. As a result, the previous Jazz Champion Package will be deactivated automatically.

Deactivate Offer with IVR Service:

  • Dial service code 123
  • Select “Package Settings” by replying with 3
  • You have to enter your SIM number with a +92 code.
  • After typing the number, reply with 1.
  • Now select a new bundle you want to activate.
  • Congratulation! Jazz Champion Package is now deactivated on your number.
  •  The new bundle has been subscribed to instead of the old offer.
  • All types of service & bundle charges apply.

Deactivate All Jazz Packages

Now I’m going to tell you “how you can deactivate/unsubscribe all active packages on Jazz SIM”. This code is an all-in-one code to deactivate all Jazz bundles, which deducts your balance.

Jazz Champion Package Unsubscribe Code

Send SMS & Deactivate/unsubscribe all Jazz Packages:

  • Type “unsub” in a new message.
  • Send it to service number 6611.
  • A notification with deactivation details conform.
  • Congratulation! You have unsubscribed from All jazz packages for free.

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Apna4G Final Words

We have mentioned three different easy and 100% working methods & codes to deactivate Mobilink Champion Offer for free. You can apply any of the methods mentioned above and deactivate Champion Package in seconds.

For more details, click on the INFO & FAQs.

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