How To Check M Tag Balance 2024 For Motorway | Guide

In Pakistan, the motorway authorities have launched 2 authentic methods for M Tag Balance Check in easy steps. Apna4G has described both methods with step-by-step procedure here for your help.

On the motorway, each car will run according to its own m tag id. This ID will be given to each large and small vehicle by the Pakistan government.

You have to recharge this account/id after short intervals because in the absence of any balance you can’t travel on motorway Pakistan. Hence, these are the possible methods to check your m tag balance for free.

Check M Tag Balance

You can use the SMS method and online app (JazzCash) trick to check the m-tag balance. You can inquire about it for free and the remaining balance will be shown according to the vehicle number plate.

These are two authentic & 100% working tricks:

  • SMS Method
  • App Method

Know Balance With SMS

You can type a new SMS and send it according to a given method and inquire about the balance of your account. It is the simplest trick that can even perform by any child.

Follow these steps:

  • Open “type a new SMS”
  • Now type “Balance <space> 12123432 (m-tag id)”
  • Send it to 9909 and wait for a reply
  • You will receive full m-tag account info in a short time

This M-Tag Balance Check method via SMS is not free and charges Rs 2 + tax according to government officials. That’s why your SIM must have a few rupees in a prepaid account to successfully send the inquiry SMS.

Know Balance With App

All of us have the Jazz Cash app on our mobile phones. According to the latest updates, the app has recently launched the “M-Tag” recharge option as its “traveling features”. Hence, we will use this feature to inquire about our balance.

We will try to recharge our M-Tag ID and when the app shows us a “confirmation notification” then on that notice the current “M-Tag balance” will be written, we will see our balance and cancel the “m-tag recharge notice”.

  • Open JazzCash App
  • Now open the “view all”
  • Open “M-Tag Recharge”
  • Enter your M Tag ID
  • On the next notification see the full receipt
  • This receipt also shows the current balance of M Tag
  • You just note your balance and close that notification
  • Hence via the “JazzCash M-Tag Recharge” option, we can inquire M-Tag Balance

Here is the step-by-step method with images for additional help. Hence, click here for “images help” to explore more about M Tag Balance Check.

Use Official M Tag App

Recently, the officials have added M Tag App to the play store. Hence, just download M-Tag App from the play store and manage all features of M Tag using the official app of this service for free.

Act Smartly With New Tricks

These 2 new tricks make the inquiry of our vehicle balance very easy and short time. No need to call the helpline because of such questions because now all the answers to your questions are present on your mobile phone.