Jazz Call Divert Code – Jazz Call Forwarding Code 2024

Both Jazz Call Divert and Jazz Call Forwarding service are the same that is used to forward receiving income calls on other numbers.

If you are busy, and you don’t want to receive SMS or calls from other numbers, then you can activate the Jazz Call Divert service or also known as Jazz Call Forwarding Service with just one code.

This service works according to a unique method, in which whenever a dial your number, the call automatically shifts to another number instead of your number. It is the same as you sending a parcel to an address, but someone else receives it has the same address.

Jazz Call Divert Code

To activate Jazz Call Divert or Jazz Call forwarding service, please dial *21*0300786# for a fixed price. If the first code does not work, or it shows any type of issue then you can also dial *21*Number# for example *21*03057867860# which will work, obviously.

Both the Jazz Call Forwarding or Jazz Call Divert Service is same and here we have describe its codes along with price below. Let’s see the Service Activation & Deactivation Code:

Service Name:Call Divert

How To Check Divert Number?

Do you want to check which number has been added to your divert list? Simply dial *#21# and after processing the network will inform you with a pop-up message list of all those numbers which has been added by you to the Jazz Call Divert Service.

How To Unsub Service?

To deactivate this Jazz Call Forwarding Service from your prepaid number, dial ##21# or ##002# for free. This code will automatically deactivate this service from your number, and it will cost PKR 0 and all divert numbers will be added to the white list.

Call Divert in Settings

Yes! All mobile phone has the internet settings of call divert or call forwarding service. Which can you activate or deactivate through manual customization of General phone settings. Here are the details to activate it through phone settings:

  • Open mobile phone settings.
  • Now click on call settings.
  • Select the call forward option.
  • Activate this option.
  • Add divert numbers.
  • Save new settings.

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Apna4G Conclusion

This service is best for girls when they feel uncomfortable with the wrong number of calls. Hence, simply activate this service from mobile phone settings. Or through a SIM code and get rid of unknown numbers for free.

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