Jazz Cricket World Cup Packages | Schedule & Live Score

Jazz Cricket World Cup 2021 is starting from 17 October. That’s why Jazz has launched the latest internet packages to watch world cup matches live.

Cricket is not a game; it is a sense of pleasure for every Pakistani. Jazz always comes with the latest internet bundles to provide live cricket match streaming to those users who don’t have TV to watch matches.

Remain update to date about cricket scores, live matches, player’s squad, matches venue, and day and time of match start with live streaming. This live cricket streaming is only possible with 4G “Jazz Cricket World Cup 2021” packages. These packages have been distributed with the validity of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 30 days. Let’s take a look at each bundle with its price and code.

Jazz Cricket World Cup

Men Cricket World Cup is going to start this month. That’s why we have tried our best to provide you with the chance to get updates on matches. Cricket was a game in the early 19’s. But after the partition, Pakistan and India have made this game a “passion”.

Yes! Cricket is a passion for men and boys. Even Pakistani women like to watch cricket. This season will also bring the “most viewed” Indo-Pak match. Hence never miss such a type of unique entertainment associated with cricket.

World Cup Packages

There are three basically 3 types of “Jazz Cricket World Cup” packages. These packages have daily weekly and monthly bundles. We have described these bundles with their codes, price, and info here.

  • Daily Cricket World Cup Offers
  • Weekly Cricket World Cup Packages
  • Monthly Cricket World Cup Bundles

Basically, the packages have been launched for 3G and 4G devices. Those users who don’t have cable at their home watch matches from the first ball to the final ball. Hence you will remain up-date about the current situation and table scores of all teams.  These packages are special bundles for October 2021 to 14 November. Enjoy such wonderful streaming at cheap rates.

All Offers 30% Off

Jazz 4G has reduced the special packages prices. Yes! All these packages that have been given on this page have been reduced to 30% from their actual price hence it is a golden chance to watch the cricket world cup on your mobile with Jazz network.

Daily Cricket World Cup Offers

Let’s start our list and first of all, we describe “daily packages” having 1-day validity. This list contains 3 packages and all of these packages are enough to watch one cricket match daily.

2GB in Rs 15

This daily bundle is a specific time-bounded offer providing 2000 MBs from 12 AM to 12 PM. 2GB package is available for 15 rupees. Dial *757# and activate the 2000 MBs offer.

Offer Name:Daily 2GB
Timing:12 AM to 12 PM
Price:Rs 15
SUB Code:*757#
1GB in Rs 16

YouTube & Facebook both provide (live streaming) HD cricket matches. Hence this package has been designed by officials just for these two social apps. On the day of the match, you just have to dial *968# and you will get 1000 MBs for social media. The subscription fee of this bundle is Rs 16.

Offer Name:Daily 1GB
Apps:FB & YouTube
Price:Rs 16
SUB Code:*968#
1GB in Rs 27

This is the plain internet bundle providing 1000 MBs. You can use this data to visit official sites & to watch live cricket between your favorite teams. Here for the bundle activation please dial *117*4# code. That will give your 1000 MBs including a tax of (Rs 27).

Offer Name:Daily 1GB
Price:Rs 27
SUB Code:*117*4#

Weekly Cricket World Cup Packages

Now, these packages are for those users who don’t to miss even a single ball. Yes! This is the list of 7 days (weekly) Cricket World Cup Packages. Get full details from the packages that have been given below.

5GB in Rs 99

The first weekly bundle is a 7 day (Facebook & YouTube) package. This package is best to watch matches on YouTube live streaming & through Facebook groups + pages. Dial *660# and subscribe weekly 5GB offer of 99 rupees.

Offer Name:Weekly 5GB
Apps:FB & YouTube
Price:Rs 99
SUB Code:*660#
8GB in Rs 220

Getting 8000 MBs including 1000 MBs for WhatsApp is now possible with this marvelous offer. Activate Weekly Cricket World Cup Bundle for Rs 220 and get 8GB. The official activation code is *159# and check the MBs by adding *2# at the end of the activation code.

Offer Name:Weekly 8GB
Price:Rs 220
SUB Code:*159#
25GB in Rs 275

The final package in the list of 7 days bundles is a 25GB bundle for Rs 275. Official codes are (subscribe *453# and check code is *453*2#) respectively.

Offer Name:Weekly 25GB
Price:Rs 275
SUB Code:*453#

Monthly Cricket World Cup Bundles

3 bundles have been selected by Jazz 4G for “30 days Cricket World Cup” streaming. Monthly packages are providing 5GB, 22GB, and 25GB at 50% off rates. Yes! Avail the marvelous opportunity and never miss a single score & wicket update of ICC Men World Cup 2021.

5000 MBs Bundle

Social MBs have been added to 1st monthly cricket package. 5000 MBs for Facebook are provided by the network. The activation price is 110 rupees. For 5000 MBs bundle activation dial *661# from prepaid SIM.

Offer Name:Monthly 5GB
Price:Rs 110
SUB Code:*661#
22,000 MBs Bundle

A plain internet package with 22GB of data comes in this package. The official price of this bundle is Rs 525. Activate this package with *117*32# code.

Offer Name:Monthly 22GB
Price:Rs 525
SUB Code:*117*32#
25,000 MBs Bundle

The last package of the day is a 25,000 MBs bundle for 30 days. The package price is Rs 630 and its code is *2000# respectively.

Offer Name:Monthly 25GB
Price:Rs 630
SUB Code:*2000#

Total Teams

There is a total of 16 teams in ICC Men T20 Cricket World Cup 2021. This list contains the names of the following famous Asian & European county teams:

South AfricaWest Indies
New ZealandSri Lanka
Papua New guineaOman

Matches Venue

It was scheduled to play the 2021 T20 Men World Cup in India. But due to the pandemic virus, the officials have decided to shift the tournament matches to Oman & UAE.

UAE (39 Matches)OMAN (6 Matches)

T20 Cup Schedule

Starting from 17 October this cup will be played till 14 November 2021. The grand final will start right from 7:30 local time (Dubai). Let’s take a look at the complete schedule.

Official Schedule of t20 world cup details

Twice DRS Rule

The first time the T20 world cup will be played with the DRS rule. Each team will have 2 times permission to use DRS (Decision Review System). This is the best method through which a batsman can survive on the pitch.

Winner Prize & Bonus

ICC has selected $56 Lakh American dollars for all teams of this tournament. Basically, the winning team of T20 Cricket World Cup 2021 will be awarded $1.6 Million (12 Crore) and surely with a trophy. In addition, the winning team opponent team will receive 6 Crore. The third team will be awarded 3 Crore rupees. Respectively the first 12 teams will receive a special bonus (prizes). In the end, all the remaining teams will receive 70 thousand dollars each. Get details about the Live Streaming App by Jazz from here.

Apna4G Final Words

Finally, never miss even a single match of the 2021 T20 world cup. Whether you are in college, school, office, or traveling somewhere else Jazz 4G provides HD matches streaming at cheap rates. You will notice this universal fact from these packages that are present on this page. Support the Pakistani team and watch the streaming from the initial stage till the trophy ceremony with your own network Jazz 4G.

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