Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2024 | Jazz 1 Day Internet Package

Activate Jazz Daily Internet Packages on prepaid SIM and access 3G/4G internet for 24 hours on your Jazz SIM. Apna4g has updated the latest Jazz Daily Internet Packages with price & subscription code. Read this article to get up-to-date details.

Jazz has again updated its new list of internet packages for prepaid users with new affordable prices. These packages have specific names and all packages are valid for 1 day.

These packages have different subscription codes, charges, and also different call minutes depending upon the charges of the offer. Let’s see what we have got here in latest data packs of Jazz.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

All these packages are valid for one day only. Therefore, the validity of all these packages is nearly equal. However, we have posted their complete detail for further information. In these packages, Jazz has given an option of special packages specially designed for Social Media lovers. Social Media packages will be valid on Social sites.

For downloading and browsing, 4G/3G packages are included in the list. Therefore, other internet packages are for browsing, exploring, downloading & uploading. Here are the names, subscription codes, subscription charges & validly details of Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Daily Browser

Here we have the latest one-day 3G/4G internet package. The “Daily Browser” package is perfect for those who want to use both the internet and social media for a day. This package provides:

Package Name:Daily Browser
Mbps:50 Mbps
Price:Rs 20
Validity:1 Day

Note: 50 MB is for both browsing and social media.

Daily Peak-Off-Peak

Package Name:Daily Peak-Off-Peak
Mbps:100 Mbs
Price:Rs. 24
Validity:1 Day
Extra:1100 Mbs Form
2:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Subscribe to this offer & get a maximum of Mbps. Here is the detail:

  • *117*4# is subscription code
  • Rs. 24 including all taxes
  • 100 Mbs for 24 hours
  • Timing ( 1100 Mbs For 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
  • Validity (1 Day)

Jazz Daily Internet Packages (Social)

All of these bundles launched by Mobilink with social media Mbps packages are present in this list.

Daily Social Package

Get active on your social accounts with “Daily Social Package. Details are given below:

Package Name:Daily Social Package
Mbps:500 Mbs
(Facebook & WhatsApp)
Price:Rs. 7
Validity:1 Day
  • *114*5#
  • Rs. 7 including taxes
  • 500 Mbs (Facebook & WhatsApp) only
  • Validity (1 Day)

Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

Enjoy WhatsApp and also stay connected with your loved ones with SMS connectivity.

Package Name:Daily SMS +
WhatsApp Bundle
Mbps:10 Mbs
Price:Rs. 7.2
Validity:1 Day

Daily Social Recursive

Package Name:Daily Social
Recursive Package
Mbps:200 Mbs
(WhatsApp + Facebook)
Price:Rs. 5.98
Validity:1 Day
  • *455#
  • Rs. 5.98 including taxes
  • 200 Mbs (WhatsApp + Facebook)
  • Validity (1 Day)

2 Hours Offer

This 4G data package and is valid for the next 2 hours after subscription. More details and code is present in the table.

Internet Hourly Extreme

Package Name:Internet Hourly
Mbps:200 Mbs
(WhatsApp +
Price:Rs. 20.32
Validity:2 Hours
  • *846#
  • Rs. 20.32 including taxes
  • 200 Mbs internet
  • Valid For Next 2 Hours

For any information & FAQs, please contact your service provider or dial 111.

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