Snack Video Pro APK For Android & iPhone (Download)

Developers of Snack App have upgraded the Old Snack Video app to “Snack Video Pro”. Yes, now you can earn more money with the same effort in less time. You just have to upgrade your old Snack App to the pro version and your daily earning will become triple.

The great success of Snack video in Pakistan has made its developers update this application. That’s why few changes have been made to this app. The basic part of this up-gradation contains earning booster. SO what is this booster and what is its task? We will discuss it in detail below.

Snack Video Pro Apk

“Snack Video” launched in Pakistan for online earning. As you know its launch was successful. Just because of its dollar earning scheme it has become popular. Seeing the popularity of this app the officials had decided to made upgrades to this application. That’s why Apna4G has given here the link to “Snack Video Pro” for all of our dear visitors.

Pro Version (Updates)

Basic updates such as theme color changes have been made in the pro version. In addition, you will find new options & maximum earning chances in this version. In Pakistan, many users don’t know about this latest version. Earning chances will be greater in this new app.

Triple Earning Chance

Earning in the “pro version” has been increased from 100 dollars per day to 300 dollars per day. Yes! This is the basic part of this pro version that makes it unique. We recommend our dear version to install the pro version instead of the old version to alternatively boost your earning. Let’s start our daily earning while sitting at home. Don’t be shy and install this app to become rich.

What to do?

You just have to download and install “Snack Video Pro Version” and start fetching invitation codes. Watch maximum videos you can and get dollars in reward. People in Pakistan are making hundreds of dollars monthly and they have started their fixed salary through the “Snack Video Fixed Salary Registration Form”. Download the pro version from the given link & enjoy.

Snack Video Pro Download

Our advice is to update their account to the pro version without creating a new account. Just download the pro app and provide your old account to login into this app. We assure you that it will prove very beneficial in case of your earning and watch time.

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