Jazz Digit 4G Price in Pakistan (Updated)

Pakistan’s top telecommunication network Jazz has launched the world’s cheapest Smartphone Jazz Digit 4G for 4550 rupees. Shop online and get this device at your doorstep today.

Yes! You heard absolutely right. The world’s cheapest Smartphone supporting all features has been launched in Pakistan. Now you can enjoy all social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp & Youtube) on one phone available at the lowest price. Let’s go grab your new Smartphone having marvelous features in the keypad version body. This cell phone is Facebook, Youtube & WhatsApp supported.

But today here we are going to talk about a new smartphone recently launched by Mobilink Jazz the famous telecommunication network of Pakistan. This Smartphone is basically a keypad body slim phone. The network has built-in features of WIFI, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, App Store, and many other apps and features which make this phone perfect.

Jazz Digit 4G Price In Pakistan

With the start of 2023, Jazz Digit 4G is available all over Pakistan at just the price of rupees 4550/- only. Here the network will activate a mobile bundle of rupees 300/-month up to 12 months. Without a bundle, the offer price is rupees 4500/- only. Hence proved this is the world’s cheapest and low pricing Smartphone.

As all of you know Mobilink has always proved to be Pakistan’s best network having the lowest call rates and cheap packages of internet, SMS & Calls. With the start of 2023, the New Year the company has maintained its tradition and launched cheap smartphones the same as cheap bundles of Mobilink.

Therefore we can say that is the year of the start of the new generation of Smartphones. Many Smartphones having new and new features have been launched recently. But the main thing which is common between all these products is their expensive price list.

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Jazz Digit 4G | Build-in Features

Here we will completely describe the built-in features of this cheap phone. This smartphone has WIFI, a Hotspot, Bluetooth, Memory Card, a Long battery, both Cameras (Front/Back) & Dual SIM option. Yes! These options make this phone a comprehensive smartphone.

Stay Connected With Socializing

With enabled applications of WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube stay connected with the whole world. These application causes to connect the person with his loved ones not only in the country but also in the whole world’s famous socializing apps. Now trends on Facebook & WhatsApp are more than any social website link.

That’s why; the company has especially installed both of these social connection apps. Youtube makes the user stay informed and live in entertainment to browse and stream online videos. Now like & save your favorite video in these applications like songs, movies, etc.

Smartphone Installed Applications

The world’s top search engine Google has also contributed to the features and its built-in features apps like Google Search Engine, Google Maps, Google Assistant & GPS have been built-in into the smartphone. Hence these apps also make mobile more effective.

App Store 200+ Apps Download Free

This smartphone has its own app store (KaiStore). The KaiStore has 200+ apps free available for download including games, socializing apps & other useful applications that are available for free. Therefore with the presence of this marvelous feature users can install the apps of their desire through a trusted supplier in easy steps.

Jazz Digit 4G Complete Info

With the latest version of the Operating System (Chipset MediaTek OS Kai OS) the following smartphone supports Dual SIM cards with network GSM + 3G + 4G. With the most useful connectivity features of FM, WIFI, Hotspot, Bluetooth, and GPS this smartphone is unstoppable. All these features become more effective with the presence of a wide and clear display screen of 2.4”.

Details Mention In Table:

Smartphone Name:Jazz Digit 4G
Price: Rs. 4550/-
Without Bundle: Rs 4,200Jazz center
HotspotMemory Card
Dual SIMHeavy Battery
Camera(Front/back) 0.3 Mega PixelsGPS
Google MapsMaps
Search Engine GoogleGoogle Assistant
FacebookMemory: 4GB + 512MB
KaiStore (200+ Apps)Dual SIM
GSM + 3G + 4GDisplay: 2.4”
FMBattery: 1400mAh
Chipset MediaTekOS Kai OS

Memory & VGA Camera

4G Smartphone has a memory pattern of 4GB + 512MB is a perfect combination. The phone also has a dual front & back VGA 0.3 Mega Pixel camera. With the presence of memory card slots, users can also insert a memory card for further memory.

Massive Battery of Jazz Digit 4G

Smartphone has a massive battery of 1400mAh. This battery enables its users to use the smartphone continuously for a longer time.

What is Bundle? Charges & How To Activate

This bundle provides 1000 On-net minutes, 1000 Mbps & 1000 SMS. Furthermore subscribing will get 5000 Mbps WhatsApp & Facebook for the first 3 months. Dial *679# to activate the bundle and dial *679*2# to check the remaining incentives & Mbps. Customers can check complete info by dialing *679*3#.

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