Jazz Digit 4G Pro Price in Pakistan and Details

Jazz Digit 4G Pro Touch & Type is available at 6299 Rupees. Shop online and get a discount from the official Jazz portal. It is also available at all Jazz franchises, help centers, and retailer shops

This is a new technology of smartphones having specifications of both touch and keypad technology. This is a hybrid phone designed with the latest social media apps.

You can enjoy up-to-date social media apps such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter on this handy-sized mobile. Let’s talk about its latest features, price, specification, and availability in Pakistan.

Jazz Digit 4G Pro Specifications

Digit series pro version smartphone comes with a touch screen and keypad. We have described the specifications of this hybrid mobile in detail.

Mobile price & specifications:

Device Name:Jazz Digit
4G Pro
Price:PKR 6299
Support:Touch &
FM Radio:Enable
Internal Storage:4GB
SD Card Support:16GB
Battery:2000 mAh
Camera:Front & Rear

Note: This mobile supports Jazz SIM in the 1st slot & all other networks SIM in the 2nd slot.

Official Price Of Mobile

You can buy Jazz Digit 4G Pro at an affordable price of PKR 6299. This price is reasonable for a smartphone having dual features of a keypad and touch screen. Hence, we recommend our dear viewers buy such a perfect device.

Dual SIM Card Supported

Jazz Digit 4G Pro supports dual mini-SIM cards, in which 1st SIM will support the Jazz network and other SIM slots will support all other networks of Pakistan. That’s why you can “turn on” your two SIMs simultaneously.

Support Socializing

There are more than five latest socializing and video streaming apps have been installed on this mobile. Hence, video & audio calling on WhatsApp, Facebook post likes, share, and TikTok videos with likes and share has been built-in for the users.

YouTubeVideos Support
TikTokClips Support

Jazz has also introduced a YouTube app on this mobile. When you turn on mobile data or connect to a Wi-Fi network, this app will automatically

Touch & Keypad

This device is a keypad mobile but due to the addition of the latest social media apps in this phone, the manufacturers have introduced a mini touch screen for TikTok and WhatsApp. Hence, it can remain at the top of the list of latest-generation devices.

Mobile Storage

There are two types of storage in mobile. Moreover, this mobile has 4GB internal storage and 16 GB SD card support. Store your data freely on this device without any hesitation.

Support Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the need for time for connection with the whole world.  Hence, Jazz has added this feature to this mini smartphone. You can create tethering & portable hotspots when you connect with a Wi-Fi.

Battery Life

The touch & keypad mobile has a long-life battery of 2000 mAh. Such a big battery can be used by users for socializing, video streaming, downloading, and uploading which will support long-duration use of all apps non-stop.

Extra Options

This mobile also supports some extra and basic options that are necessary for a mobile. These options are found in nearly all keypads and touch-screen mobile phones.

Pattern PasswordTouch Password
Pin PasswordFlashlight

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Apna4G Conclusion

The final words of the Apna4G author about this mini smartphone are a positive response. Yes! This is a 10/10 mobile that provides the best service for all those users who want to get the best experience for keypad and touch screen mobile. Moreover, for more details, please visit the official website of Jazz Warid.

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