Jazz Mobile Phones With Price in Pakistan 2024

All Jazz Mobile Phones With Price in Pakistan: A total of 10 Jazz Mobile Phones are present in the market having different prices. Digit phones their prices, and features are described simultaneously below on this page.

Pakistan’s leading telecom network is Jazz Warid. This is the only telecom network in Pakistan that has launched its own smartphone. The public knows the mobiles with the name Jazz Digit Series.

Hence, the complete details including the updated price of Jazz mobiles are present here. In addition, we also have given below the official link to buy (order) any Jazz mobile online in Pakistan.

Jazz Mobile Phones

These are the 8 Jazz Smartphones that come with different (RAM & Internal Storage), camera, connectivity features, battery strength, and operating system having different advanced features.

Hence, take a look at the list of given All Jazz Digit 4G Mobiles (10 mobiles) and choose 1 suitable mobile for your personality from the given list. At the end of this article, we have mentioned a link through which you can buy any Jazz Mobile Online with a free home delivery service.

Jazz Digit 4G Defender

Jazz Defender comes with Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot, Memory card, Dual SIM (3G & 4G), 1700 mAh Battery, 4GB + 512MB Memory, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Jazz TV support.

Jazz Mobile Phones defender

Rs 4099

Jazz Digit 4G Classic

Buy Jazz Digit 4G Classic having all features including Front / Back Cameras (Dual), 1700 mAh Battery, Dual SIM Support, 512MB + 4GB storage excluding SD Card Support with Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot connectivity.

Jazz Mobile Phones classic

Rs 4199

Jazz Digit 4G Lite

This is a special mobile having a long-lasting 1900 mAh Battery, FM Radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot, Memory card + 512MB + 4GB internal storage. With dual SIM and dual camera, it becomes a keypad smartphone.

Jazz Mobile Phones lite

Rs 4550

Jazz Digit 4G Elite

Having a big screen this is WIFI, Bluetooth, USB & Hotspot, and mobile that support SD card up to 32GB. The battery of this is rather larger with a capacity of 2000 mAh. The internal storage of the following phone is 512MB + 4GB respectively.

Jazz Mobile Phones elite

Rs 4599

Jazz Digit 4G Music

It is clear from the name of the mobile version that the following set is made for “music lovers”. Yes! Having a huge speaker, the mobile comes with connectivity options of FM, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, Hotspot & Dual 3G / 4G supported SIM slots. It also supports a 32GB card and has 512MB + 4GB internal specifications. The battery of Digit Music is 1700 mAh for long-lasting timing.

music cell

Rs 7499

Jazz Digit 4G Bold

The glossy look of this phone is absolutely attractive that contains WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, Hotspot, 32GB Card slot, 1700 mAh battery, dual camera with 512MB + 4GB internal memory.

bold cell

Rs 4299

Jazz Digit 4G Pro

The most advanced phone in the list of Jazz mobile (smartphone) is Jazz Digit 4G Pro having a “Touch & Type” feature. It also supports a Dual Camera, FM Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Hotspot, SD Card up to 32GB, 2000 mAh battery, and 512MB + 4GB internal storage capacity. It supports WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

pro cell

Rs 5599

Jazz Digit 4G Power

With a 3000 mAh Battery, it is the most powerful cell in this list having the same features as other mobiles including Dual Cameras, FM Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, SD Card support 32GB. 512MB Ram + 4GB internal storage is also present in it.

power cell

Rs 4,900

Jazz Digit 4G Crown

This is the only mobile launched by Jazz having a 1900 mAh battery. Other features include Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot, Dual SIM, FM Radio, Dual Camera, and flashlight.

crown cell

Rs 5,100

Jazz Digit 4G Energy

It is the 2nd (touch & type) smartphone of its own unique type. Having 8GB internal storage + 1GB RAM makes it quick and easy to store large data. On the other hand, it also has Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot, Dual SIM, FM Radio, Dual Camera, and social media App access. Get Jazz Digit 4G Energy Full details from here.

energy cell

Rs 6,400

Order Jazz Mobile Online

Do you like any mobile from the complete list of Jazz Digit 4G series? If Yes! Then what are you waiting for? Click here on the given link and “buy Jazz Mobile” online from the official site.

Basically, this link is directly connected to Jazz Mobile Page and you can click on it to redirect your page to the official network where the list of all mobiles and online buying features is available.

Some Common Features

These are those common features that are present in all Jazz Mobile Phones. These features are need of time, that’s why officials have added them in Jazz mobiles to make the smartphones successful in the market:

  • DigitOS Operating System
  • All phones come with free offers
  • Several colors are available of each set
  • WiFi is present to access internet anytime

Free MBs & Minutes Offer

Each mobile of Jazz Telecom comes with fixed (Free MBs & Minutes) for fixed validity. Here, the complete description of New Jazz Mobile Free Offers is given:

Minutes Offer

1st offer is Jazz Digit Minutes offer that is awarded to the new mobile owner for 3 months. This offer provides 2000 minutes (Jazz to Jazz) every month. And this system runs for 3 months and users totally receive 6000 minutes according to FUP (fair usage policy). Dial *649*2# and activate this offer.

Offer Name:Free Minutes
Total Minutes:6000
Monthly Minutes:2000
Calls Type:On-Net
Validity:3 Months

Note: No call setup fee will apply on 3-months free calls.

Social Media Offer

Get 15GB (5GB Monthly) for WhatsApp and Facebook via the new Jazz Digit Mobile. The validity of this offer is the same 3 months and its code is present below.

Offer Name:Free Social MBs
Total MBs:15000
Monthly MBs:5000
Data Type:WhatsApp & FB
Validity:3 Months

Note: 15GB will work on 2 social media apps only.

Plain Data Offer

Get 1GB plain data monthly continuously for 6 months (6GB) with *114*40*2# code on the bought of new Jazz Digit mobile from the given above series.

Offer Name:Free Plain Data
Total Data:6GB
Monthly Data:1GB
Data Type:Plain Data
Validity:6 Months

Note: Plain data means (MBs that can access the whole internet)

See: iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

Apna4G Conclusion

Finally, we are feeling glad to convey 100% accurate details about Jazz Mobile Phones and the updated price according to the current year 2k22. In addition, we also have mentioned those offers that are given to those buyers who buy a new mobile.

Just buy Jazz mobile and insert Jazz SIM in slot 1 and dial the given codes to get 3 Months + 6 Months free (Minutes & MBs) offer. In case of any queries and FAQs, please comment below and receive an instant reply.

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